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Deadliest Serial Killer in US History Dies | Univision Crime News

#Samuel #Little, regarded as the most bloodthirsty serial killer in #American history, died this #Wednesday in a #California hospital, at the age of 80, without knowing the cause of death until now.

#Little was serving a life sentence for three murders committed in the late 1980s, but according to his own confession in 2018, he may have killed more than 90 people – most of them women – over four decades. The FBI has confirmed at least fifty of his crimes.

#Little was arrested in #September 2012 at a #Kentucky homeless shelter and extradited to #California, where he was on trial for drug offenses. #By analyzing his DNA and comparing it with material found in the murders of three women committed between 1987 and 1989, all of them strangled and thrown into an alley, authorities determined #Little’s guilt. #For those deaths, he was sentenced to life in prison.

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#That discovery was just the beginning of a long investigation in which the FBI uncovered dozens of crimes committed by his own hands, strangulation, beatings and drowning, which #Little later confessed with chilling detail and coldness.

A nomadic and criminal life

#According to investigators, #Little left his family home in the late 1950s.

#Since then, he began a nomadic lifestyle: he crossed the country from end to end in a few days, stole from town to town to buy drugs and alcohol, and before his first problems with authority, he changed places. #He had been a boxer and was also known as #Samuel #McDowell.

#Due to the profile of his victims and the absence of DNA evidence at that time, he was able to commit dozens of murders and go unnoticed.

#Despite this, since 1956 he has been arrested 26 times for robbery, assault, rape, fraud, among other crimes.

“#Sometimes the bodies were not identified and their deaths not even investigated,” detailed the FBI in a report two years ago on the activities of the serial killer.

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#With the data provided by the police, investigators began to connect the dots when they found “an alarming pattern and compelling links to many other murders,” mostly “vulnerable and marginalized women” engaged in prostitution and addicted to drugs.

#Confessions and drawings of his victims

#In 2018, FBI agents interviewed #Little in jail for the purpose of further investigations. #What they got was a murderer who not only cooperated by providing information on their crimes and their victims, but also gave them drawings of some of them, which he remembered in detail.

“#He went through cities and states and gave the rangers the number of people he killed in each place. #Jackson, #Mississippi, one; #Cincinnati, #Ohio, one; #Phoenix, #Arizona, three; #Las #Vegas, #Nevada, one,” he explained. the FBI in 2018.

#Although he claimed to have murdered at least 90 people, the FBI had enough evidence to think that all his confessions were credible and corroborate at least 50 of his homicides.

#Little offered the authorities terrifying images drawn by him, mostly black and socially outcast women.

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“#Several of the deaths of its victims, however, were originally attributed to overdoses, accidental or undetermined causes. #Some bodies were never found,” wrote the FBI on a website that assembled their testimonies.

The agency also released videos of some prison interviews with #Little. #He described how he strangled a woman in 1993, and how he threw her down a slope of a desolate road.
“I heard another sound on the road and that meant I was rolling downhill,” he said.

#In one of the videos of the interview with investigators, #Little described a victim from #New #Orleans. “It was pretty. #Light brown skinned, ”he said with a small smile. “She was tall for a woman. #In beautiful ways. #And, uh, friendly. ” “#She was the only one I killed by drowning her.”

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