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Five up and five down; quarterback ranking after Week 16

#Who were the top quarterbacks, for better or for worse, in #Week 16?

The penultimate round of the regular season gave us contrasting performances among the passers of NFL.

#On the one hand, it is likely that one of our regulars on this list throughout the campaign has already secured his third appointment as #Most valuable #Player it’s from the season; on the other, one of those in the middle of the bottom is now unemployed.

#We present – as always, in alphabetical order – the quarterbacks who stood out the most, positively or negatively, in the NFL in the last day:

#Cinco quarterbacks al raises

I still don’t understand why there is no such official award “#Most #Improved #Player“each year to the player who has shown the most progress from one season to the next. #In 2020, #Allen it would have no competition. #In the last game on #Monday night, #Allen dispatched 27-of-36 pass attempts for 320 yards with four touchdowns – three of them for #Stefon #Diggs– no interceptions. #His QBR #Total of 97.3 was the second highest on the day, and he did not even have to participate in the entire match at #Gillete #Stadium giving way to his substitute #Matt #Barkley for most of the fourth period. #It was a contrasting performance from the first time he faced the #Pats this year, one of his weakest games of a stellar campaign.

#It is hard for me to remember an entire team as disinterested on a playing field as the #Lions of #Week 16, but that’s not the fault of the #Buccaneers. #Brady he came out on fire, completing 22 of 27 pass attempts for 348 yards with four touchdowns without interceptions … in just two quarters of work. #By the second half, it had already given way to #Blaine #Gabbert shake off cobwebs. #Brady scored the best #Total QBR of the day, a 98.5, which confirms that, if the #Bucs They enter the preseason at a good time, they will be a complicated synodal for anyone.

#Local media that regularly cover the #Ravens they have appointed #Jackson he #Most valuable #Player of the team in 2020. The team, in general, is not at the height of 2019, and the #Jackson #He went through tough times, but no one on the team is playing better than him at the close of the season. #Against the #Giants, in a game of life and death, #Jackson he completed 17 of 26 pass attempts for 183 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions, also adding 80 yards on 13 carries. There are many factors why #Baltimore #It is not the same offensive monster from last year, and several of those factors directly affect the chances of success of #Jackson play by play, starting with the offensive line, but this passer continues to grow and – sometimes we forget – he is only 23 years old.

The setting couldn’t be better. #Primetime game, #Lambeau #Field dressed in white, postseason-caliber opponent. #Rodgers roasted the #Titans with 21 of 25 completed pass attempts for 231 yards with four touchdown passes and one interception. A completion percentage of 84 percent is insane for a normal game of NFL – the highest on the day, by the way – but in snowy conditions? #Total QBR of 90.7 that was targeted #Rodgers it was one of three that exceeded 90 points on the day. #At this point, it would be a surprise if he didn’t get his third title as NFL #Most #Valuable #Player, although the most important objective, is and will always be another ring of #Super #Bowl.

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#It is a pity that the effort of #Watson, particularly as he leads one of the least talented squads in the NFL. #We had another example on #Sunday, in a new defeat of #Houston, where #Watson he completed 24 of 33 pass attempts for 324 yards with three touchdowns and zero interceptions, and rushed five times for 38 yards. #For the season, #Watson #He’s third in the league in percentage of completions – one of three passers who are completing over 70 percent of their passes – second in passing yards, first in yards per pass attempt. #He’s also fifth in rushing yards among quarterbacks.

#Five quarterbacks down

#Sure, the fracture and dislocation in the thumb of the throwing hand for #Goff influenced him to have a less than ideal match for the #Rams, but if we are frank, the quarterback of the #Rams he had been playing poorly long before he hit his right hand on the defender’s helmet, towards the end of the third period. #Goff – who already underwent surgery – completed just 24 of 43 pass attempts for 234 yards, no touchdowns and an interception against #Seattle. #He was also captured on three occasions, playing against a defense of the #Seahawks which, yes, it has improved over the course of the year, but it is not an elite unit. #When you have a passer unable to create outside the script, as is #Goff, it is critical that you are accurate in your readings and passes from your pocket. A 55.8 completion percentage is a sentence for this offense if they are going to have a passer with his characteristics.

#In a matter of days, #Haskins lost his last real chance to prove he can be a starting quarterback for #Washington, he lost the captaincy, and he lost his job. The lack of preparation for a game where so much was at stake was monumental, which in turn reveals a significant lack of maturity for the 23-year-old. #He completed just 14 of 28 pass attempts for 154 yards with zero touchdown passes and two interceptions. #His microscopic #Total QBR of 4.1 was the lowest in the league for the entire matchday. #To that must be added a loose fumble before it was taken out of the game in favor of #Taylor #Heinicke, who will start the next game of #Washington. #It won’t be the last time we see #Haskins in a template of NFL#But if he ever wants to play again, he has to come to terms with this humbling process with maturity and self-criticism. The raw talent is there, but so far they have not seen enough desire to polish it.

#Really bad first game for #Hurts since he took office, and we should not be surprised or alarmed, considering that he is a rookie who throughout the year always received a minority of repetitions in practices. #He connected on 21 of 39 pass attempts for 342 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions, but also suffered two fumbles, one of them lost. #He also ran nine times for 69 yards. The final game of the season, with a playoff berth at stake, could also help determine whether #Philadelphia enter the next training camp with #Hurts as a nominal holder, or in the midst of an open competition for ownership between #Hurts and #Carson #Wentz.

#How frustrating it must be for #Broncos have seen the comparison between a quarterback with a promising future, #Justin #Herbert, and then turn to see the eternal questions around #Lock. #After all, #Lock was singled out by various observers in the league as the second-year quarterback on the verge of breaking out in 2020, after the way 2019 ended. #Frankly, I’d be looking for another quarterback if I was the general manager of this club, possibly via free agency. #Before the #Chargers, #Lock he completed 24 of 47 pass attempts for 264 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions, although he did add a rushing touchdown.

#We understand the limitations that existed around #Mayfield by not counting whether his entire regular arsenal of wide receivers against the #Jets, but part of playing the quarterback position in the NFL, and especially in 2020, it has to do with squeezing the most of the staff around you. #Mayfield completed just 28 of 53 pass attempts, with no touchdowns or interceptions, against the #Jets. #In addition, he suffered three fumbles, two of them lost, which were key in the defeat of #Cleveland. #Of course, there is also fault in the bank here. #With a backfield composed of #Nick #Chubb, #Kareem #Hunt and #Andy #Janovich, and your top three tight ends on the field of play –#Austin #Hooper, #David #Njoku and #Harrison #Bryant– #Did you send 15 total carries with running backs, and ordered your quarterback to put the ball in the air 57 times (incomplete passes plus sacks)?

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