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Actors show their support for Tenoch Huerta for participation in “Black Panther 2”

Members of the Mexican film industry congratulated Tenoch Huerta for being chosen to take part in the sequel to the Hollywood film “Black Panther”.

On Friday “Variety” magazine announced that Tenoch was in advanced talks with the project, but on social media there were those who disagreed.

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Now about 100 actors such as Adriana Paz (three times winner of the Ariel), Luis Fernando Peña (“Loving you hurts”), Horacio García Rojas (“Diablero”) and Noé Hernández (“Miss Bala”), as well as the directors Juan Carlos Rulfo (“In the hole”), Marco Polo Constandse (“Get married who can”), Fernando Rovzar (“Monarch”), Rigoberto Castañeda (“Kilometer 31”), Hugo Catalán (“The game of keys”), Joaquín Cosío (“The Hell”), Yoshira Escárrega (“Here on Earth”) and Alan Jonsson Gavica (“The Load”), the latter generator of the initiative, sign a document to show their support for Huerta.

“We welcome Disney’s wise decision to choose him,” the statement read.

“It is an excellent sign that the market is opening up and Disney is the spearhead betting on inclusion, representativeness, diversity and that sets a very positive precedent,” he adds.

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So far Huerta has been silent about the project. He will be the fifth Mexican to join a superhero franchise as main character, in which Diego Luna is already found, with “Rogue One: a Star Wars story”; Eréndira Ibarra, filming the new installment of “Matrix” and Joaquín Cosío in the sequel to “Suicide Squad”.

Natalia Córdova-Buckley played the speedy “Yo-Yo Rodríguez” in the series “Agents of SHIELD” and Adán Canto made a brief appearance as “Sunspot” in “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

The signatories emphasize that Huerta’s professionalism and acting quality will make him shine in the character he plays in “Black Panther”.

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“And that openness is going to permeate the Mexican and Latino community,” it reads.

Other signatories are the filmmakers Carlos Cuarón (“Rude and corsi”), Carlos Bolado (“Colosio, the murder”), Sergio Tovar Velarde (“Four moons”), Gerardo Tort (“On the street”), Alejandro Springall (” It’s not you, it’s me “), Teresa Suárez (” What did you say to God? “), José Luis Gutiérrez (” Every day is yours “), Lucía Carreras (” Tamara and the ladybug “), Henry Bedwell ( “Blacker than the night”) and Pitipol Ibarra (“We’ll see”).

There are also the actresses Leticia Fabián (“War of idols”) and Eileen Yáñez (“Days of grace”) and the actors Luis Alberti (“Hand of work”) and Juan Ugarte (“School for seducers”); the producer Issa Guerra (“Pastorela”); the filmmakers Roberto Sneider (“You’re killing me Susana”), Roberto Girault (“The student”), Juan Carlos Carrasco (“Holy pilgrims”), Luis Eduardo Reyes (“Crazy about work”), Javier Colinas (“Wanted papa “), Rafa Lara (” Cinco de mayo, la battle “), Gustavo Loza (” Continuous stops “) and Eduardo Rossoff (” Ave María “).

Also on the list, which they hope will grow in the following days, are the directors Socorro Méndez, Rodrigo Ordoñez, Hugo Rodríguez, René Bueno, Enrique Arroyo, Diego Cohen, Jaime Ruiz Ibañez, Alan Coton, Benjamín Cann, Roberto Rochin, Víctor Avelar, Alejandro González Padilla, Noé Santillán López, Ricardo Benet, Jesús Magaña, Gabriel Soriano, Juan Carlos de Llaca, Mitzi Vanessa Arreola, Ángel Flores, Acan Coen and Salvador Aguirre.

The list is completed with Alan Uribe, Edmundo Vargas, Luis Carlos Muñoz, Lakshmi Picazo, Christian Aquino, Sara Juárez, Grecia Rodríguez, Rosa Vázquez, Ricardo Peralta, Carlos Dávila, Juan Pablo Miquirray, Eduardo Bautista, Antonio Chávez Murcia, Alberto Zúñiga and Alejandro Andrade.


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