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Alexis Ayala rages against those who criticize him for putting his mother in a nursing home

Alexis Ayala He showed his discontent against the people who criticized him after he made it known that he sent his mother to live in a retirement home.

In past days, the actor said that this decision had been the most humane he could have had, because he did not have time to be with her and take care of her.

Although the mother of the performers god one interview in which he was happy with the place he lives and that he recognizes his son’s maturity with the situation, there were several comments against him and before which the star decided to respond.

“I do not know many families that siblings fight to take care of their parents, but I do know many and I have heard many who fight over inheritances and even lawyers pay, I think we have to know how to take care of ourselves, and start thinking about In a different way, what happens when that age comes, when I may not be able to fend for myself. We Latinos live in the culture of blackmail, (we say) my mamacita, my papacito, but we don’t know how to take care of them.

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This was said by the artist in an interview for the program “Sale Sun“, in which he also said that he hopes to go through the same fate as his mother, because he does not want to be a hindrance to his sons.

I can tell you that I am very clear and well aware that I am not going to hold my daughters responsible for whether they have to take care of me in 10, 15 or 20 years. I want them to live their lives, I want them to go out, I want them to make love to them, make them fall in love, travel, make mistakes, fail to live their life, and not that their life has to be limited because they have to (take care of me), external.

Neg any comment that would point you to abandoning the woman and added that he is making sure that she does not lack anything.

She was not going to abandon me when I was a child and I am not abandoned, on the contrary, I am closer to her, I am being more responsible for her and her care, that is why I say that we live in the culture of blackmail.

Prior to these statementsIt should be noted that the actor once again made it clear that he is the only one who is taking care of the needs of his mother and that he made this decision for his state from Health.

My mother (takes care of) only us, is what she said, it is very difficult sometimes for someone else to want to take charge because perhaps they have their own problems or they are not interested.Why did this decision come, because my mother is a old lady, because she has a health condition that is not the best, she has Parkinson’s, I already had surgery 3 years ago on my spine for one she had, and I don’t know how to give her the correct care and I don’t have the economy to be able to have a specialist here. It is not a prison, it is a place where she can go in and out, it is a place that I can go in and out, my daughter, my wife, whoever, I detail.

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