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“Angela”, the Colombian film that shows the historical violence against women

Angela, the Colombian film that opens in theaters in the country. Photo: courtesy of the filmmakers.

The Colombian film “Angela” by director Agamenon Quintero was released this Wednesday, November 25 in the country while commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The feature film produced by Agamenon Films, which will be presented in the cinemas of the country, tells a story that represents a taboo for Colombian and Latin American society that today continues to be one of the great scourges that especially affect girls on the continent.

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Child marriage, sexual abuse, pedophilia and child trafficking are some of the themes exhibited in the film, set in a rural and riverside Colombia in the 1940s, which represents the reality of many minors in this region of the country.

“It is a story based on real events, the script is the compendium of the stories of many women that generates a universal voice. She not only talks about Angela, but about many women who were, are and can be victims of sexual abuse and child marriage “said its director, Agamenón Quintero, in an interview with the Mexican newspaper El Imparcial.

‘Ángela’ tells the story of a peasant girl from the department of Córdoba who at the age of 13 is sold by her father to a local landowner called Calixto. At the height of political and social upheaval and effervescence throughout the country, due to the murder of the political candidate and liberal leader, Jorge Eliecer Gaitán, Ángela recognizes the condemnation of being born a woman in this social context.

“When Angela’s story reached our ears, we decided to start this project recreating a macho and patriarchal universe that is still intact. Our only intention was to give Ángela a voice on behalf of all the women who have had the opportunity to experience these abuses and the victims who are still suffering “Quintero said to El Espectador.

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The story written by producer and actress Salma Tafur and director Quintero is a timely reflection on a reality that continues to affect minors in the country. According to him Colombian Institute of Family Welfare Between January 2014 and August 31, 2020, 72,543 minors have been treated by the entity for sexual abuse.

This film was shot, according to Diario de Sur, for three weeks in about 20 municipalities in the department of Córdoba, in the north of the country, which represented a challenge for the filmmakers because the subject was so uncomfortable that some chosen locations they were not loaned for the movie recording.

This feature film starring Ruz Mary Morales, Rubén Guevara, Roamir Pineda and Salma Tafur has been presented on stage as: Mérida and Yucatán International Film Festival, Ibiza Cine Fest, Guayaquil Film, Marbella International Film Festival, in which he has been recognized with some awards such as Best Film and Best Director.

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