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Bad Bunny announces in networks a possible withdrawal

Bad Bunny He continues to receive awards for the works he has published during 2020. The artist began the year by releasing the album YHLQMDLG (I do what I want) and shortly afterwards, during confinement, published The ones that were not going to leave. The Puerto Rican has just announced in networks that in a few days he will release his third album of 2020, an announcement that comes with the suspicion of withdrawal under the arm.

Or at least that’s how Bad Bunny fans have interpreted it on social media. The artist, who had to be absent from the AMAS gala where he was going to perform after having tested positive for coronavirus, you could have a break in your music career in mind.

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What has led to this deduction? For starters, the title of the new album you have announced: The last tour of the world. Bad Bunny He was the one who launched the news on networks, ensuring that it is a work that will include 14 songs that will be tracks.

The date on which this album is scheduled to be released is November 29, a day that seems not to have been chosen at random. And is that just on November 29 is nine months since Bad Bunny launched YHLQMDLG, February 29, and that have an implicit symbology.

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Bad Bunny
(Eric Jamison / AP)

Why? Because that work included a topic titled Heart in whose verses Bad Bunny read “In 9 months I’ll be back and take another, to retire quietly like Miguel Cotto.” Has the time for Bad Bunny’s retirement come?

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The Puerto Rican is a specialist in leaving hidden messages although, to tell the truth, in the interview he offered a few months ago in Rolling Stone
It has already advanced that the idea of ​​changing the way of making music that he has was hovering in his mind.

Bad Bunny on the digital cover of Playboy

Bad Bunny on Playboy’s digital cover (Other Sources)

“I will never withdraw from doing this. Maybe it takes me out of the public eye and from touring, because I’m tired and I hate traveling. I would love to make music like when I was 14, when it was my best hobby. Right now I am in the happiest moment of my career, because I am fulfilling all my dreams. There is no better feeling than when you know that you are doing things well ”, he commented.

Bad Bunny fans fear that his omens will come true although the artist, for the moment, has not wanted to give more clues about whether he is really thinking of retiring or not.

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