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Bukele asked not to prosecute Walter Araujo for violent expressions against women, reveals Attorney General | News from El Salvador

The Attorney General, Raúl Melara, said on Twitter that the president asked him not to proceed criminally against the candidate of New Ideas. The process against Walter Araujo for expressions of violence is in the Investigation stage.

The attorney general, Raúl Melara, revealed on social networks that the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, asked him in his office not to criminally prosecute the candidate for deputy for New Ideas, Walter Araujo.

In a crossing of opinions on Twitter between Bukele and Melara, the head of the Public Ministry pointed out that the president knew what the candidate Araujo had done, but asked him not to process it. The process against Araujo has gone to the Specialized Court of Instruction for a Life Free of Violence against Women.

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SEE: Court prohibits Walter Araujo, candidate of New Ideas, from publishing degrading messages against Bertha Deleón

The attorney general states that he ignored President Bukele’s request and prosecuted Walter Araujo.

The Ninth Peace Court prohibited him last October to Walter Araujo communicate by any means with the lawyer Bertha Deleón, who sued him, and in addition to posting degrading messages against her, either through social networks or through any other means of communication.

The Attorney General’s revelation came after President Bukele criticized Melara’s decision not to request jail for César Reyes, member of the Electoral Surveillance Board (JVE), for a crime attributed to him of expressions of violence against women , an arrest that according to the ARENA party is political persecution.

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Reyes was detained by the PNC on Wednesday morning, in a situation that the ARENA party maintains was illegal. The JVE member was released yesterday afternoon, according to the president of ARENA, Erick Salguero.

The Attorney General also referred to Bukele being prosecuted in court in 2017 for a similar crime against an FMLN trustee when he was mayor of San Salvador, and that at that time the Prosecutor’s Office did not request his arrest.

The prosecutor added that Bukele’s request not to prosecute Walter Araujo, for the crime of expressions of violence against women, “That is a message that you do not care if women are attacked”, Melara argued.

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Regarding the case of César Reyes, the ARENA party, lawyers and deputies of the Legislative Assembly have questioned the actions of the National Civil Police (PNC), as they say it is being exploited.

The publications of the head of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic and President Bukele were given by the statements made by Melara on the case of Reyes, of not requesting prison, because the penalty for which he could
to be convicted, if it is concluded that he was guilty, is not a prison sentence, “which would be an excess for the Prosecutor’s Office to request it, because the crime does not contemplate it,” said Melara.

It adds that the Prosecutor’s Office, based on the policy of criminal prosecution, does not order arrests for crimes that do not merit imprisonment, so they will analyze the facts in which the Police have acted, and that if they determine that it is excessive, they will send it to the Inspection of the Police for their evaluation, “if we find evidence of crimes, we will also process them,” said the Attorney General.

ALSO: ARENA notices the Prosecutor’s Office for the capture of César Reyes, member of the San Salvador Electoral Surveillance Board

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