Friday, November 27, 2020
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California Doctors Ask to Avoid Family Gatherings This Thanksgiving | Univision 19 Sacramento KUVS

“This virus travels through respiratory secretions, that is the reason why we have to maintain a distance of six feet,” Dr. Ricardo Bardales told Noticias 19.

They recommend only having one person in the kitchen. “It is important to have a person assigned to serve food in the kitchen, it is important that they wear a mask, use gloves, disposable plates and cutlery,” said Dr. Bardales.

It is important that people who work selling food delivery also have their precautions.

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“You must wear your mask and gloves, always double-bag the food, to protect the food, never enter the customer’s house, I left the food outside.” Bardales assured.

“I am always washing my hands and cleaning with soap and chlorox.” Ortiz said.

Work that she is doing to help her family financially, her husband has lost jobs due to the pandemic.
“Well, the rent does not wait, and all the expenses that one has here.” Ortiz explained.

In the midst of difficulties, he says he has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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“Well, I thank God for having my family, my mother, my daughters and having a husband because he has helped me and has been a light.” Ortiz shared.


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