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Camera trick? Woman claims she captured Maradona’s “silhouette” in the sky of Argentina | News from El Salvador

Incredible as it may seem, the fans reacted excitedly as they see it as a sign that their idol “reached heaven.”

By S. López | Nov 29, 2020- 14:44

The city of Paraná, a province of Entre Ríos, in Argentina has captured the attention of the whole world after a video circulated on the web in which the silhouette of the recently deceased soccer player, Diego Armando Maradona, allegedly appears.

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The curious image was captured on the night of November 28 and immediately went viral on the web.

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According to the publication of Natalí Ríos, a 26-year-old girl from that town, her intention was to capture a picture of the Moon, which she thought looked beautiful that night.

Photo: Twitter

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However, when sharing it, he never imagined the way his image was perceived by other netizens.

“As one of the things I do is photography, I saw that the moon was beautiful and I decided to record it a bit. I uploaded the image to the best friend stories on Instagram and, the next day, a friend wrote to tell me that he saw Diego. And there it is. It is believe or explode, ”said Ríos an international media.

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And that’s how the hysteria broke out on the web. Well, as incredible as it may seem, the fans reacted excited because they see it as a sign that their idol “reached heaven.”

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Photo: Instagram

“They say that after 72 hours the souls take off from the earthly plane, if you filmed this on Friday … I have no doubt that it is # D10S arriving”, “What a madness, until the 10th I see. This leaves me in peace to know that it arrived and it is fine “,” Impressive capture, I still cannot believe it “,” Thank you for this gift “, and” This is tremendous, I choose to believe “, were some of the euphoric comments left by the fans.

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But this has not been the only “sighting” since Martin Mazur, Twitter user also captured a curious image. This was captured in a house that the “golden kid” had in Paternal.

Diego Armando Maradona passed away on November 25 at the age of 60. According to official versions, the former soccer player died of a cardiorespiratory arrest.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

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