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Cara Delevingne surprises with radical haircut

While we have remembered Cara delevingne for being one of the most famous models in the fashion industry, not only for her unmistakable eyebrows, but also because she has a fun personality, she is a great representative of the LGBTQ community and above all, when it comes to style, she knows how overshadowing all eyes towards her, so now she surprises us with radical change.

Totally shaved, this is how Cara Delevingne poses for the new movie “A Life in a Year” with Will Smith’s son; Jaden Smith. Well, the beautiful model has opted for a totally different character from the one she has chosen in previous productions by giving life to Isabelle, a young woman who suffers from ovarian cancer, while her boyfriend tries to give her the best year of her life as a farewell.

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And this is the main reason why we saw shaved in 2017 to Cara delevingne throughout different galas, giving a great message of empowering women by combining fashion and her image without her long blonde hair. Through a comment on a post on her Instagram account, Cara Delevingne replied the following:

“It’s tiring being told what beauty is supposed to look like. I’m tired of society defining beauty for us. Take off your clothes, take off your makeup, get a haircut. Get rid of all material things Who are we? How are we defining beauty ‘What do we see as beautiful? ”

According to an interview for Entertainmnt Weekly, Cara delevingne revealed that her character as Isabelle was a great inspiration for her, so she did not hesitate at any time to shed her hair. “Isabelle was special to me because of her strength. No matter what happened, he is always going to get something positive out of it, as if he didn’t have a curse on his back. “

In addition, Cara Delevingne revealed another special moment, as she and Jaden Smith shaved together at the same time, being a very special moment that will be part of their lives. So the filmmaker who made the film “Life in a year” revealed that when she met Cara Delevingne she was very surprised by her enthusiasm for shaving, and even wanted to shave her eyebrows.

So she replied “Oh no, no eyebrows, please, they are so special! What if they don’t grow back? ‘That’s probably better insuring than the whole movie. We loved the passion he had. ” Mitja Okorn, the film’s director, revealed.

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