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Casual and beautiful, this is how Carmen Villalobos appears on Instagram for her fans

Carmen Villalobos has managed to impress all her followers once again, as she has shown that even in her most casual version, she can look just as beautiful for her entire audience, thus becoming a sensation of style.

Carmen Villalobos, Who already has almost two decades of stable and successful career, has managed to become one of the favorites of the public, since she has an incredible personality, is super talented and also has good taste in fashion.

The protagonist of “End of paradise” is characterized by having an excellent style when dressing, regardless of whether her setting is for a stage, for the red carpets or for her daily life.

In an interview he had with People magazine in Spanish, the Colombian, Carmen Villalobos, made it clear that she likes comfortable, practical garments, but that are chic, so as not to lose the feminine essence that defines her so much.

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He demonstrated that on his official Instagram account, where Carmen Villalobos shared with all his followers, a photo in which he appears wearing green baggy pants with dots, a white shirt and some daddy sneakers

The publication comes with the following message: “Here casual, uh, you know. Kisses ”, causing more than 200 thousand people to react to these images of Carmen VillalobosIn addition, they left many comments of love for the actress, among them: “It’s crazy beauty” and “I love your outfits”

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