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Cuban player Randy Arozarena released after reaching an agreement with his ex-partner

| 26/11/2020 – 5:22pm (GMT-4)

This Thursday the Cuban Major League Baseball player was released, Randy Arozarena, after reaching an agreement with his ex-partner not to continue with the judicial process for child abduction, which led him to jail after will try to take a daughter of his four years of which he does not have custody.

Arozarena was released the same day his first hearing was scheduled before a Control Judge at the Oral Justice Center in Mérida.

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Local Mexican media indicate that shortly after 1pm, the Tampa Bay Rays player left the Mérida Social Readaptation Center guarded by family members and representatives, who immediately put him in a vehicle and quickly left the place.

Eliseo Carlos Chablé Contreras, the player’s lawyer, explained only that the baseball player reached an agreement with his ex-partner not to continue with the process, and that the MLB player managed to get out clean of charges.

According to what his lawyer explained, this same Thursday a file from the same prosecutor’s office was presented before the control judge, which ended up dismissing the charges for which he was intended to be charged.

Local testimonies assure that on the morning of Monday, November 23, Arozarena arrived in a car with some gifts in the Porvenir neighborhood, in that city, along with another person supposedly to visit her daughter. However, in an oversight he would have seized the minor and left the place to try to get into the vehicle.

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At that time he was chased by his ex-wife and her mother, who were crying out for help. In the attempt to escape, the player would have even hit the two women.

Although he tried to get into the car, a group of neighbors chased him and blocked his way, while others reported the attempted kidnapping to 911. When the patrols of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) arrived, Arozarena was arrested and made available. of the State Attorney General’s Office.

After the agreement reached this Thursday, the player plans to return to his team. The details of the agreement reached with the mother of his daughter are unknown.

The 25-year-old Cuban Major League Baseball player from Mérida married the young Colombian Cenelia Pinelo Blanco on November 7, at the Kantoyná farm in Conkal. Mexican media report that he had previous complaints of violence against his ex-wife and for lack of child support.

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Arozarena is currently the player with the most home runs (10) in a single postseason in Major League history. He caused a sensation in October when he scored the winning run of the fifth in the series that forced Game 6, during the game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays, in the Fall Classic.

In this postseason the young man set several records and left an offensive line of .377 / .442 / .831 with 10 home runs in 20 games. In the 2021 Major League Baseball season, Arozarena will be the Cuban with the most options to compete for him. Rookie of the Year award.

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