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Donald Trump assured that if the electoral college votes for Joe Biden “it will be a big mistake”

Donald Trump, president of the United States, during the press conference (REUTERS / Erin Scott)

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, again insisted this Thursday with the supposed “gigantic fraud” in the elections of November 3 in which his rival prevailed, Democrat Joe Biden, and assured that if the electoral college certifies this result “it will be a big mistake”. He also announced his participation on Saturday, December 5, in a political rally in the state of Georgia, in which the election of senators has yet to be defined.

During a videoconference held with members of the United States Armed Forces stationed abroad and on the occasion of the Thanksgiving Day, Trump agreed to answer questions from the press for the first time since the presidential election, whose results, which were known weeks later due to the difficulty in counting numerous ballots sent by mail, the republican not yet recognized.

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“These are not over yet. The election was a gigantic fraud, it was rigged ”, he said, adding later that if the electoral college elects Joe Biden as president (the act will take place on December 14), “it will be a big mistake.”

The president obtained almost 74 million votes against Biden’s more than 80 million, and obtained 232 voters against the 306 of his rival, but maintains that these results were due to widespread fraud, although so far no evidence has been presented, and announced this Thursday that will travel to Georgia on Saturday, December 5, to participate in a campaign rally for the second round of senatorial elections for that state.

Trump held a meeting with members of the Armed Forces on Thanksgiving Day (REUTERS / Erin Scott)
Trump held a meeting with members of the Armed Forces on Thanksgiving Day (REUTERS / Erin Scott)

Georgia was one of the most contested districts in the elections, and there Biden narrowly won. In the competition for upper house seats, however, no candidate exceeded the necessary margin and for this reason a second round will be held that will define the composition of the Senate.

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Trump considered “Wrong” that Biden has begun to elect the members of his future cabinet and assured that he could still win the elections, in reference to his highly publicized strategy of going to the Supreme Court to challenge the result.

“These elections are not over yet. I’ll go saturday night to georgia and we’ll have a crowd. We are looking for the right place, we would like to do it in a stadium but we cannot because of COVID-19, so we will look for an open space, probably an airport, “said Trump.

In the image the elected president of the United States, Joe Biden (EFE / Etienne Laurent)
In the image the elected president of the United States, Joe Biden (EFE / Etienne Laurent)

Asked by the press on whether he will leave the White House in the event that Biden is sworn in as president on January 20, 2021, noted that “you know the answer”. Asked if he would attend his rival’s swearing-in ceremony, he indicated that he knew the answer but was not going to share it.

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Visibly enraged, Trump also called “Enemies of the state” to electoral authorities in the states of Pennsylvania and Georgia, where the Republican lost the election by a narrow margin.

The press conference took place two days after Trump himself enable your administration to begin the presidential transition with Joe Biden’s team, a decision that was seen as the first step toward concessioning his defeat. But the Republican later redoubled the bet and assured that he would still continue trying to challenge the result.

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