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ABC released a new teaser with scenes that reveal that another character from the past will return.

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By Gabriela Trujillo

Thursday, November 26, 2020, at 04:00


The fans of Grey’s Anatomy season 17 are more than ever excited, because this story returned full of surprises and unforgettable faces that take up the medical drama to fill the audience with emotions. An example of this was Meredith’s unforgettable beach dream in which he met Derek Shepherd again, surprising even the cast and other filmmakers who did not even suspect that the actor
Patrick Dempsey was scheduled for the recordings.

But now another beloved character will be back and it could be Izzie Stevens, because in the new teaser that ABC published it is hinted that someone important will return to the plot.

Izzie Stevens will be back in Grey’s Anatomy episode 4

This conclusion comes from the faithful fans of Grey’s Anatomy who also pointed out that the actress Ellen Pompeo published on her Twitter account a gif in which she appears accompanied by Izzie Stevens and between games of glances and laughter they evoke the best moments of her I go through the medical series.

Oops, the tweet can’t be found. Maybe they removed it?

This publication alerted even the most incredulous because as a caption the dear Meredith Gray wrote: “Hello, it’s Grey’s day !!!”. With this came a large number of comments, likes and reactions with which they hope to see their requests to bring back their favorite characters.

However, nothing has been confirmed or denied about it yet, but it is not surprising that once again the showrunner Krista Vernoff leaves the public breathless by showing the most unexpected outcomes and participations in this season 17 that so far has been of impact.

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