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Farewell? After 26 years in TV Azteca, Chapoy leaves ‘Ventaneando’ upon receiving strong news

Mexico City.- After the iconic show host Pati chapoy will leave the forums of Windowing this Thursday, the public wondered why and she revealed the reason, while the owner of TV Azteca gave him important news.

Chapoy, who left Televisa and now he has been working at Ajusco for 26 years and 24 at the head Windowing, revealed in networks that he was absent from the program to have an important meeting with the most powerful women on the television.

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Among those invited to that exclusive meeting were Ninfa Salinas, daughter of the owner of TV Azteca Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the journalist Monica Garza, the reporter and host of ADN40 Hannia Novell, the journalist Ana Maria Lomelí, the director at Revista Central Paulina Gomez Y Jacqueline L’Hoist, who heads the gender unit at TV Azteca.

What were they talking about? Users are eager to answer the question. Ninfa Salinas published the iconic photograph and wrote: “What do you think we are talking about? !! … I open the thread … You go to @RicardoBSalinas !!”, asking her father for his opinion.

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At the request of his daughter to make a comment, the controversial businessman dedicated a forceful message to all the women in the image: “It occurs to me … Heads of heads that move @groupsalinas.”

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For her part, the host of Windowing shared the image on his account Twitter accompanied by the message: “They can’t imagine”, clarifying rumors about why he was not on the program this Thursday and sowing controversy among his followers.

Although for now it is not known what these influential and powerful women are planning in the field of communication, what is certain is that they will surprise everyone, since each of them has stood out for their incredible work.

Source: Twitter @ChapoyPati, @NinfaSalinas and @RicardoBSalinas


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