Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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France: mask will be necessary even after vaccination

PARIS (AP) – French Health Minister Olivier Veran said Thursday that the supply of vaccines against COVID-19 will begin in late December, but that the use of the mask and maintaining a healthy distance will continue to be necessary.

Veran said he does not yet know if mass vaccination “will allow us to eliminate this virus and fully return to our previous lives” because it is not clear how long the protection of the vaccine will last.

Regarding the skepticism in France about the safety of the vaccine, he promised that there will be transparency in the vaccination regulations and that the plans for the first sectors that will receive it will be announced soon.

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President Emmanuel Macron has said that vaccination will not be mandatory in France.

The government released details Thursday of a month-long gradual lifting of the lockdown and announced hundreds of millions of euros in aid for workers, students and businesses forced to close.

Efforts to combat the mental health consequences of the second quarantine and the prolonged pandemic are also increasing. The government said that a telephone exchange for psychological help receives 20,000 calls a day.

France leads Europe in confirmed cases and has recorded more than 50,600 virus-related deaths.

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