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Friend of Diego Maradona denounces that his close people made him drunk

Behind the death of Diego Armando Maradona voices have begun to come out from their closest circle about the fact that how he lived his last years. Well, now it was the turn of Mariano Israelit, a close friend of ’10’ since his childhood, with whom he shared great and intimate moments as a family; However, he gave details of how complicated it became to get to Pelusa in his last months of life and that had a lot to do with his family.

“I called and I was attended by a boy Charly, who was the husband of a cousin of Rocío (Oliva). ‘Hello, who’s this?’ He already knew my voice, because I spoke a lot with Diego. I would say ‘Hello, hello, hello …’. When he knew my voice, he either blocked me or directly told me that Diego went to bed or that he went to the bathroom … “, he said Israelit in an interview with Radio La Red.

“Now it was impossible to reach him, you had to go through ten filters. Diego lived in a gated community with private security and had two guys at the door of the house with machine guns, what for? “, He added.

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But nevertheless, Mariano Israelit explained that the most complicated thing was to see how the closest circle of Maradona He began to get him drunk with the intention that he would be drunk when he received his daughters’ visit.

What I’m going to tell you now is not that they told me, I lived it while there. I have been to the house many times, Diego would call me to eat a barbecue with the family or just with Dr. Mariano Castro, with whom we also lived together in the Cuban period. We would go, have lunch, all barbarous and the talk was that Dalma and Gianinna arrived at 6 o’clock, he told us that he was happy that he was going to receive them

“When we wanted to go, to share with the daughters, he told us to stay. That happened several times. But if they came at 7 in the afternoon, at 6:15 this Charly would appear and say: ‘Diego, a beer?’. Diego did not ask for it, they brought it to him. A Crown was nailed. After 10 minutes, they came and gave him another beer. I told him: ‘Charly, the daughters are coming.’ And he told me that nothing was wrong … At the third beer, Diego began to babble And he said: ‘Now what do I do when the girls come?’ And Charly finished it off saying: ‘Well, should we open a wine?’ “, He explained.

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