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Full house! After several months ALL the drivers of TODAY are together again

Due to the presence of coronavirus all over the world, the way of life changed and in Mexico was not the exception, so the way of doing daily activities changed, among them the art of entertaining people at home because the way of recording television programs had to change one of them was the morning broadcast Today.

And it is that to avoid contagions in the production the then producer Magda Rodriguez decided to divide its cast in two so that one group would go to the forum to record and the other week the others, while those who were not in the forums of televisa they recorded some capsules from House.

And so the recordings of the Today program for a few months, until this Monday, November 30, well after Raúl Araiza, Jorge ?? The donkey ?? Van Rankin and Marisol González were negative to the test of COVID-19 again they could all meet together.

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It should be noted that the aforementioned drivers are the only ones of the entire driver staff of the Today program who have not been infected with this new virus COVID-19.

Contagions Today

And it is that although the idea was that no one would be infected with this new virus and that is why the producer Magda Rodríguez divided them into two teams, the first to become infected was Andrea Legarreta, and followed Lambda García.

After these two infections came the unexpected death of Magda Rodriguez more infections came, well Andrea Escalona, ​​?? El Capi ?? Dawn, Galilea Montijo, Paul Stanley Y the new producer Andrea Rodríguez they were also infected with this virus that originated in Wuhan, China.

Paul returned

Last week Paul Stanley was the last of the drivers to return to the morning broadcast after testing positive at COVID-19, Paul He was quarantined for a few days to avoid infecting more people who were in contact with him.

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So the last thursday, disguised as a winged dinosaur returned to the forum of Today with the news that his last test for this new virus had already been negative, so he could now return to the forum. Televisa San Ángel.

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