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Gemini Horoscope – Sunday, November 29, 2020 | Gemini Horoscopes

Sometimes people can be irritating, but that doesn’t mean you should feel far from being able to control emotions that come from outside.

Don’t let the frustrations of others get the better of you, wake up and keep going. With the transition of the signs from Taurus to Gemini, it would make you start a new stage of your life.

By virtue of what you think, it is how you would attract the best things to yourself. You would have to be much more attentive than before so that nothing distracts you from success.

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Today is a good day for you to have everything at your disposal and become what you think. With the sextile between Mercury and Pluto, it would raise your vibrational frequency towards your well-being.

Forecast of the day: gratitude and hope should be part of every day, the first because it would return the best of what you have done, the second because it would help you in every way, to make you be much more precise in what you decide. It is the Moon that would guide you in this way to find yourself on the best of the paths to fulfillment.

You have to see a partner if that is what you want, it means that you think about what you have wanted in the last months to date, so that everything is granted to you. Don’t feel bad about the decisions you have made regarding love. The Moon without a lunar doubt, would favor you.

Renew your energy however it is, that passion becomes your best tool and not the opposite.

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Start investigating what makes you feel much fuller and don’t be afraid to do what you like, taking care of yourself. A good sport would be the option. Change your mindset and it would change your life.

Being positive is not just a vague, absurd and meaningless idea. On the contrary, it has to do with an internal action, that you make it grow like a radio wave, to be like a magnet towards what you want.

Once you have understood the above, you would know that you would have the good energy of money at hand. The number eight manifests itself with the best sense to be optimism and to be given without thinking.

Your intelligence is barbaric, full of good ideas, surely you would have been surrounded by some privileges that few have.

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This refers to the fact that you have everything in your favor to achieve what you like without having to be aware of whether or not you did well. The transit of the signs would help you to be more aware of the decisions you make.


Couple prediction for today Sunday
If you are in a couple: you would reach the absolute responsibility with your partner for a radical change of life.
If you are single: do not run away from reality, better adapt so that you can have what you want.
Sexual energy level: Moderate.

Love: Aquarius or air signs.
Friendship: Libra or air signs.
Labor: Capricorn or earth signs.

Tolerance level: Alto.
With whom you could get in tension: you will be better, away from a Virgo.


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