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Home World Improved weather after Iota and Eta facilitate cleanup in northern Honduras

Improved weather after Iota and Eta facilitate cleanup in northern Honduras


The meteorological conditions in northwestern Honduras, they have improved in recent hours, which is allowing to accelerate cleanup work in entire communities and the rehabilitation of primary and secondary roads affected by tropical storms Iota and Eta.

“We are removing the mud that was left in the whole house about six inches high, everything was ruined,” Juan Ramón Irías, who lives in the Céleo González residential sector in eastern Mexico, told Efe in a telephone communication. San Pedro Sula, the second most important city and located in the north of Honduras.

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Irías, who among other activities is a cultural promoter, recalled that, in the midst of the floods that Iota and Eta left in the area where his home is located, the amount of water that fell was higher than that discharged by the devastating Hurricane Mitch.

He added that the three floods that the north and west of Honduras suffered in two weeks, mainly the extensive and fertile valley of Sula, caused much damage.

In the Céleo González sector, where there are around twenty neighborhoods, there were families who, due to the high level that the water reached, climbed onto the roofs of their houses, where some waited several days to be rescued by rescuers.

“The water ruined everything for us, the living room furniture, the beds, the kitchen, the refrigerator, partitions, my modest library and literature that are part of the historical memory, everything was lost,” said Irías, moved by the damage they have suffered. your home and your family.

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Irías, married with four children, recalled that in 1995 he attended, as a prosecutor for the Federation of Trade Unions of Workers of Northern Honduras (Fesitranh), at the inauguration of the Céleo González and that a short time he acquired his house.

Until before the passage of storms Iota and Eta, the only natural disaster that had flooded the area in a similar way was Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

In the Sula Valley region, which is highly vulnerable to hurricanes, storms and tropical depressions, many HonduransWhen they know that their home may be flooded, they seek to protect their things by hanging them from the ceiling.

Would you go, after the passage of And, that I flood the Sula valley and other regions of the country, and before the arrival of Iota, he decided to safeguard his belongings, mainly furniture, among other objects, in places at a height of a little more than one meter.

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“We did not imagine that the flooding of the Iota would be more severe, the water made everything that we had high fell and they were on the ground full of mud,” he said.

The water level reached around two meters high in the house of Irías, who with his relatives, tools in hand, were busy cleaning their home today.

The structure of the house is preserved, but Irías said that in time they will notice if there is damage to the foundation.

He added that staff from the Municipality of San Pedro Sula has arrived in the sector with machinery to clean the neighborhoods that were most damaged by the two natural phenomena, to which was added a third flood due to rainfall in the west of the country, where two mighty rivers are born that cross through several departments and flow into the Caribe.

“We are seeing if we rescue the refrigerator, which was thrown on the floor. We will clean it with pressurized water jets and then we will dry it to see if it works,” Irías said.

Thousands of Hondurans continue to clean their homes, offices, factories, shops and other types of infrastructure damaged by floods that Iota and Eta left.

It is also working on the rehabilitation of totally or partially damaged bridges and roads.

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