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KEYS | Cable TV or streaming service?

Caracas.- From cessation of DirecTV operations in Venezuela Y its replacement with Simple TV, subscription television is under the scrutiny of millions of users looking for options and better rates; amounts that are constantly updated and that seek to compete against other more innovative bets, such as the streaming service led by Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and the new Disney Plus.

There are four cables that offer the subscription television service in Venezuela:


The Colombian-Venezuelan company was founded in 1993. It currently offers a 99-channel programming schedule. According to information available on its website, the cost of the service is around Bs. 550,000 (Usd. 0.50); Price that seems to be out of date, compared to the rates of the competition. The Pitazo contacted SuperCable through its website and there was no immediate response on the plans offered.


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Previously called Intercable, it has had operations in Venezuela since 1996. According to its website, there are two packages available plus two additional services:

Optimal HD Package. 99 channels Bs. 3,080,340.00 (Usd. 2.82)
Basic Satellite Plan. 40 channels. Bs. 90,459.00 (Usd. 0.08)
HBO Max Package. Bs. 200,288.00 additional (Usd. 0.18)
Paquete Fox Premium. Bs. 200,288.00 additional (Usd. 0.18)


It operates in Venezuela since 1995. On its website, there is no information available about rates. The Pitazo He tried to contact the call center 0500-8000-800 and there was no immediate response.

Simple TV

Replaces DirecTV from 2020 and you already have available the rates of your plans, charges that begin next December 15:

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Basic plan. 72 channels. Bs. 778,331.50 (Usd 0.71)
Plan Byte. 100 channels. Bs. 3,113,326 (Usd 2.85)
Plan Giga. 152 channels. Bs. 11,205,289.68 (Usd 10.26)
Plan Tera. 202 channels. Bs 19,303,963.12 (Usd 17.68)

The amounts in dollars are calculated based on the price of this Friday, November 27: Bs. 1,091,453.30 bolivars for every dollar.

Streaming Services


It offers three plans:

Basic plan. Single screen. Usd 7.99
Standard Plan. Two screens. Usd 10.99
Plan Premium. Up to four screens. Usd 13.99

Amazon Prime Video

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It is the most direct competition of Netflix and It has a value of Usd 8.99 per month.

Disney Plus

It is available in Latin America from this November 17. In Venezuela, the monthly fee for Disney Plus per screen is Usd 5.99 dollars or Bs 6,537,805.26; according to the price of the parallel dollar of this November 27.


KEYS | How much does Disney Plus cost in Venezuela and how is it paid?

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