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Lalo Espaa, a goblin after the world of Guillermo del Toro

With 28 years of artistic career, working in film, theater, television and with iconic characters such as Prayer Margara Francisca O Germn, Lalo Espaa not typecast in comedy, seeks deeper roles and collaborate with directors such as Guillermo del Toro.

I really want to do important characters in the cinema, I would really like to work with Del Toro or Alejandro Gonzlez irritated, I would love it, he commented and when I questioned him if he entered the world of terror or fantasy of the cover, he replied: God gave me the body and spirit of an elf, so I can fit somewhere.

Theatrical characters

Beyond its characters on television, Spain has given life to texts by William Shakespeare or Alessandro Baricco in theater, since he has the ability to explore all the colors of a character. Therefore, I regret that there are directors who do not give it a chance.

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I think we live in an age where it is necessary to break labels, because surprises can be bigger and more interesting, said the also native of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

As more projects arrive, enjoy the success of characters, such as Germán, who is beloved in Latin america, especially in Colombia, where he couldn’t even walk the streets, because every two steps people came to greet him and ask for a photo.

Remember its beginnings

Despite his extensive career, he continues to study, because he knows that new things are always learned in this career. At first it was difficult, I left my city to make my way in the capital. The most complicated thing was when the day came to pay the rent, but I never thought of leaving this profession, said Lalo, who tonight goes out with Oscar Uriel and TAP. +

By Patricia Villanueva

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