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Latin America exceeds 444 thousand deaths from coronavirus, while Europe passed 400 thousand

Europe, second region of the world most mourned by the pandemic, this Saturday exceeded 400 thousand deaths from coronavirus, coinciding with the easing of restrictions in several countries, eager to recover part of normality in the face of Christmas.

According to a balance made by the AFP on Saturday from official data, Europe registered 401 516 deaths (and 17 634 090 infections) since the beginning of the pandemic, behind Latin America and the Caribbean (444 036 deaths and 12 825 611 cases).

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In the last seven days, they were counted in Europe more than 36 thousand dead, the most serious figure since the beginning of the pandemic, at the beginning of the year. In total, two thirds of the deaths in the region are concentrated in the United Kingdom (57,551), Italy (53,677), France (51,914), Spain (44,668) and Russia (39,068).

Despite these figures, worrisome as a whole, the situation improves in most countries, which seem to have passed the peak of the second wave.

This Saturday shops reopened in countries such as France and shopping centers in Poland. All with strict sanitary rules that will limit the number of customers in stores, for example.

In the famous Galeries Lafayette in Paris, in the center of the capital, the doors opened at 10 in the morning and the vendors greeted the first customers with applause.

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The irish and the Belgians they will have to wait until Tuesday, December 1, to return to the stores.

Record of infections in Mexico

Worldwide, more than 61.5 million cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, and more than 1.4 million people have died.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Mexico registered on Friday 12,081 new cases of COVID-19, a record number, which places the total number of infections in the country at 1,090,675, according to figures from the federal Ministry of Health.

In the last 24 hours, the death of 631 people was also reported, bringing the total to 104,873 deaths.

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There are “a new increase (of infections), here is a detected alert“In the last two weeks, Ricardo Cortés, general director of health promotion, told a press conference.

In Peru, the state of health emergency was extended for 90 days, until the beginning of March 2021, but the authorities relaxed some restrictions thanks to the slow but sustained reduction of infections and deaths.

With 33 million inhabitants, Peru registers 35,780 deaths from COVID-19, the second highest death rate in the world as a proportion of the population.

In all Latin America and the Caribbean There are already 444 036 deaths from coronavirus and more than 12.8 million infections, according to official figures.

In United States, the country with the highest death toll (264 866), the health situation meant that Black Friday, the day of the great deals in stores, did not register crowds.

In Los Angeles, the authorities decided to ban from Monday and for at least three weeks public and private meetings, except those organized for religious or protest purposes, to slow the advance of the COVID-19.

In India, the second most affected country after United States, and that will exceed 10 million cases in early December, the largest manufacturer of world’s vaccines by volume, the Serum Institute of India, said on Saturday that it will apply for an emergency license for a coronavirus vaccine within two weeks.

The giant based in Pune could produce from the beginning of 2021 at least 100 million doses of the vaccine developed by Astrazeneca and the University of Oxford.


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