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Luz Elena Gonzlez breaks the silence and talks about the mistreatment she received from Lupita Jones: VIDEO

Before jumping to fame, Luz Elena Gonzlez participated in the first edition of Our Beauty Mexico in 1994, where he represented Jalisco, his home state. Not everything went as expected, as he recently revealed the bad treatments that I received at that time from the dream of the contest, Lupita Jones.

In recent months, the former beauty queen has been involved in various controversies, as several women have joined and raised their voices denouncing the mistreatment that I exerted on them for a long time.

With only 20 years and a lot of inexperience, Luz Elena She acknowledges that, at least at that moment, she did not identify those deals as something negative, she was only sure of one thing: no se senta cmoda.

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She says she did not have the opportunity to work with Lupita Jones directly. In 1994 when he just celebrated his triumph in Our beauty, decided to go live in Mexico City to study at CEA. Jones offered to host him, which was not exactly what he expected.

In that department lived other girls who had been first places in the contest and all receive the same treatment. The rules They were clear: they could only talk on the phone at night or very early in the morning, they couldn’t take anything from the refrigerator, not even water, and no one could visit them.

They were not allowed to reveal the address from the place to anyone, so when someone wanted to pick them up, they had to move away from the place so that they would not find out where it was located. The treatment by Jones it was cold and unpleasant.

“With so many restrictions, I couldn’t stand it,” says Luz Elena, who also remembers that she used to go with her boyfriend at that time, since she felt at home there. Living in the apartment that had been offered only generated sadness And till depression.

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Do you want to find out more about this revelation? We invite you to see the VIDEO

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