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Maluma viralizes video of a girl crying over the song “Hawaii”

The artist Maluma could not contain himself after hearing a video of a girl crying when requesting one of his most recent hits, the song “Hawaii”.

It was really amazing! to the reaction of the little girl, the singer Maluma he couldn’t resist sharing it on his Instagram account

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This definitely stole the heart of the reggaeton who also reacted with a message in the publication he made for his almost 56 million followers who were responsible for viralizing it on social networks.

In the video there is a girl who, when asking for the most recent song by the artist “Hawaii”, breaks into tears, the image has already been replicated by the entire network itself that has broken the hearts of all those who see it in even the singer himself of pop, reggaeton and Latin trap.

During the recording, which lasts approximately 17 seconds, the child points to the television, begging to hear her favorite song.

It is the mother who questions her about what she wants to see what she points to the singer’s theme with her hand.

Let’s go, a voice is heard, while the girl exclaimed “Hawaii” repeatedly and at one point breaks down crying in a very moving way.

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Given this, the “Dirty Boy“He took up the video together with the caption” Let them put Hawáiiiiiiiii on it, “says the message he shared accompanied by emojis of a lover expressing the tenderness caused by one of his smallest fans.

Among the various reactions that the faithful followers commented towards the singer, many of them empathized with the girl’s reaction.

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“Hawaii” is a song that portrays a disappointment in love, shows how a relationship can weaken over time, where arguments start to arise, insecurity, and that on many occasions, although there is still a feeling, this is not enough to continue, and the time comes when one of the two parties looks in other arms for what is lacking in the other relationship.

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The video begins with the breakup that the couple sustains aboard a vehicle.

The relationship is getting toxic, says Yovanna Ventura, who was the artist’s partner in the video clip.

Similarly, the remix version of the song was recorded by the artist in a collaboration with The Weeknd, which he sang in Spanish.

“Very nice on Instagram what you post
so that I can see
how are you doing well but you are doing bad
because love cannot be bought with anything
Lie to all your followers
tell him that the times are better now ”, says a fragment of the song that the Colombian interprets.

It is worth mentioning that the lyrics of this song were the target of controversies since many assured that it would have been in reference to the singer’s past relationship with the model Natalia Barulích, who was related to soccer player Neymar after posting a photo on Instagram.

The Colombian reggaeton player recently stole the show in Los
American Music Awards 2020 where together with Jennifer López he performed “Pa ‘ti y Lonely”, one of the songs that will be part of the movie “Marry Me” in which both participate and which will be released the following year.

Likewise, the music star confirmed his participation in the 40 Music Aawards, which are normally held in Spain, however, the pandemic will force it to take place virtually.

In this edition, the presence of other figures such as Pablo Alborán, Aitana, Dua Lipa, Morat, David Bisbal, among others, has been confirmed.

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On the other hand, Maluma has opened to carry out some other collaborations during the confinement derived from the crisis that has almost completely stopped activities, particularly in the entertainment industry, one of the most affected.

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