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Man arriving at wedding with his SIX pregnant women; becomes VIRAL

Be married to someone else even when you still live in marriage, may, still, not be well accepted by various people around the world, as only some cultures they opt for this type of arrangements, while others totally disapprove of the fact.

Ms an, for a man to have children with other womenApart from the one he is committed to, it is even worse, since society does not accept such acts.

But this did not matter to a man, who was very happily invited to the wedding of his best friend, with the extension, no doubt, that he could bring companions, but the whole party was amazed, when the man decided to go with his six women, which in turn, were all pregnant.

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This happened in Norway, but social networks were in charge of viralizing it all over the world, as they harshly criticized Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, who went to his friend’s wedding Williams UchembaIt seemed that he eclipsed all union and celebration that would take place that day with his arrival and that of his six women on tape.

“Pretty Mike and the moms of his six future children. No movie tricks, we’re just living our best life,” the man wrote in his Instagram post.

The publication that already has more than 66 thousand likes has been dismissed as macho for the most part, because although it only intends to celebrate the event, it caused a stir by the intention of showing off that it has many women.

But this to Pretty Mike, as he is known on the social network, does not seem to care about the opinion of others, because in other publications he appears being bathed and cared for by his women, while in others he boasts of all the luxuries with which he lives with women. six women.

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It should be noted that even he himself does not know what to call the lifestyle he lives, so he made a call for the person who finds the most eloquent name, to win several gifts with high monetary value.

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