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MasterChef 2020: After calling Bertha ‘SERVANT’, this cook ended her career

After the show took place this Friday, the fifth participant eliminated from the new season of MasterChef Mxico 2020 And boy was it a surprise to all the followers of the program.

In the Elimination Duel, contestants with mandil negro They had to prepare delicious dishes with salmon as the main protein in different presentations.

Nine participants were left on the brink of elimination in the new episode of the season; finally, the judges decided that the EXPELLED It was Nicols, who caused controversy among viewers, because they did not imagine that the talented cook could lose to his companions.

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And it is that the reality show has been characterized by always being in the eye of the hurricane with various controversies, such was the case of one of the participants in the 2018 season, who called one of her companions a “maid.”

And it was not just anyone, because the contestant I tried to offend eventually became the show winner, who at all times stood out for his talent in the kitchen and that from that moment on he opened some businesses that were very successful.

It was during one of the broadcasts that Lourdes He got upset during one of the dynamics, so he surprised all the viewers when he made one of his companions less.

Lourdes Alcocer decided to give her opinion on Bertha after having captivated the judges with a dish. Bertha cooked a weathered huazontle stuffed with beans and cheese, which was why she was going to be captain, which is why Lourdes mentioned:

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“I don’t care, I don’t come here to be friends with a maid, beans are not something I like to cook. Forgive me, but even in the kitchen there are postal codes”, a question that caused a stir on social networks.

The words used by the contestant outraged the audience for the way she expressed herself, however, Bertha’s cooking led her to be the winner and she won the award. heart of the public.

Lourdes was the seventh eliminated, she returned in the season called ‘Rematch‘But after that she retired from the kitchen and better dedicated herself to her professional career, currently she is the director of a magazine.

Here the exact moment:

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