Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Miami Beach reinstates fines for not wearing masks, despite state ruling

At least until Sunday, during the Thanksgiving holiday, Miami Beach will fine people who refuse to cover their nose and mouth even with a tissue.

To begin with, those who refuse to wear a mask, after the police offer them one, will be fined $ 50.

The municipal order will be applied mainly in commercial areas, where more people go.

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In fact, the municipal order could end up in court if the state proposes it.

Last September the governor issued an executive order prohibiting the application of fines. However, both the municipality of Miami Beach, as Miami, Hialeah and even Miami-Dade County appealed to the state to withdraw the mandate, given the worrying increase in infections and hospitalizations, but DeSantis responded with the renewal of the provision on Wednesday.

“I do not understand what is the reason for being. I don’t understand why, “Gelber said.

DeSantis argued that “the vaccine is close,” that it may arrive in Florida in December, and that there is a plan “to get it first” to those who need it most.

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Meanwhile, COVID-19 cases in Florida and across the country continue to rise.

This week, the Health authority reported more than 23,000 new cases throughout the state, a 26% increase in hospitalizations.

Miami-Dade, the county most affected by the pandemic in Florida, reported 2,120 new infections and three deaths on Wednesday

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