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Millions and scandal: one of the most expensive divorces in history began

Tatiana Akhmedova sues her ex-husband and her son and accuses them of having hidden millions to avoid paying a 2016 settlement Credit: Rick Findler / PAt

Next week the most expensive divorce battle in British history. The fortune in question amounts to 453 million pounds sterling ($ 602 million) and includes luxury mansions, a superyacht, a helicopter, a private jet and an art collection with pieces of Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol Y Damien Hirst.

The person responsible for carrying out the litigation is Tatiana Akhmedova, who held her ex-husband responsible, Farkhad Akhmedov, oligarch and ally of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and your son Temur Akhmedov of hiding hundreds of millions in assets to avoid paying the deal granted by the High Court of London in 2016. This was reported by The Guardian newspaper.

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According to a 2016 ruling, Farkhad Akhmedov must pay his ex-wife 41.5% of the family fortune Credit: Daily Mail

That year, the couple divorced and a judge awarded Tatiana a stake in the 41.5% of the family fortune of 1 billion pounds (1.33 billion dollars). However, the agreement remains unsuccessful. Even the tycoon had previously said that he would do everything possible to revoke what he considers “a wrong trial and sentence.”

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According to Tatiana, her ex-husband transferred cash and assets to his son to hide his fortune and avoid paying him the settlement, which is worth 453 million pounds ($ 602 million). However, both men say the woman was aware of gifts made from father to son, including, for example, a 30 million-pound (almost $ 40 million) apartment in an exclusive London neighborhood.

Temur Akhmedov is being accused by his mother of plotting against him
Temur Akhmedov is being accused by his mother of plotting against him Credit: PA
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In the last two weeks, Tatiana advanced with her demand. He won court orders for Smooth his son’s luxurious apartment in search of evidence, and even forced Google to deliver the content of emails. In the registry, 58 devices were seized, 47 of which belong to Temur, among which there are four Xbox and a PlayStation console.

Temur, 27, can’t forgive him. The young man assured that regardless of what happens in court, he will never reconcile with his mother, because she had a “scandalous and vindictive behavior.” In turn, he added: “She was a good mother, but now she doesn’t like me because I’m not on her side. I never imagined going against my own blood. She only seeks revenge. How can you give birth to your children and then fight them in court? “

Tatiana claims that among the transfers to her son there is an apartment of almost 40 million dollars from London
Tatiana claims that among the transfers to her son there is a nearly $ 40 million London department Credit: The Guardian

Temur has a world freezing order that prevents you from transferring funds or selling assets. Furthermore, the arrangement limited your weekly expenses to 3000 lbs. When the young man found out what happened, he sent a text message to his mother and asked why he was doing all this.

“If my mother were on the street, I would totally understand”, He told the British media in the telephone interview. “I would never allow that to happen, but she lives a very good life. She is always on vacation, always traveling. I see her updates on WhatsApp, she was in Ibiza a few weeks ago and in Italy,” he said.


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