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Mirtha Legrand, moved by the death of Diego Maradona: “Thank you for so many joys”

The soccer star was invited to the Chiquita program on repeated occasions

A great sadness generated all over the world the death of Diego Armando Maradona. On November 25, El Diez had a cardiorespiratory arrest in his new home located in the private neighborhood of San Andrés, while he was recovering from an operation for a subdural hematoma that was carried out successfully at the Olivos Clinic.

Throughout his career, the former soccer player had a friendship with many celebrities and celebrities. On several occasions, he was invited to the classic program of Mirtha Legrand, with whom he had an excellent bond for years. Even Maradona invited Chiquita when he was driving the unforgettable cycle The night of the Ten.

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The host of El Trece was shocked by the death of Maradona and dedicated an emotional message to him through her official Twitter account. “Goodbye, Diego, rest in peace!” Legrand began by saying on the social network. Then he added: “Thanks for so many joys.”

Mirtha Legrand expressed her affection for Diego Maradona
Mirtha Legrand expressed her affection for Diego Maradona

Also, Chiquita took the opportunity to offer condolences to the closest loved ones of the technical director of Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata: “A warm greeting to your children and your family”. And he shared two images with Maradona that were taken on his show using the hashtags #diegoeterno and #graciasdiego.

Mirtha Legrand and Maradona
Mirtha Legrand and Maradona
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Mirtha Legrand and Maradona
Mirtha Legrand and Maradona

For its part, Nacho Avenue, grandson of the host and her producer, shared with his Instagram followers an emotional photograph in which he appeared hugged with the Ten in a television studio. “Bye Diego. Thank you 10. AD10S ”, wrote Marcela Tinayre’s son on the social network.

Nacho Viale, hugging Maradona
Nacho Viale, hugging Maradona

Maradona’s massive farewell on Thursday 26:

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Claudia Villafañe and his daughters Dalma y Gianinna They were the ones who were in charge of organizing the farewell of the football legend that took place in a burning chapel in the Pink House, the seat of the Executive Power in Argentina. First, he was fired by his loved ones and friends, and later they opened the doors for thousands of fans.

Maradona's wake at the Casa Rosada
Maradona’s wake at the Casa Rosada

The first hours of the wake were carried out calmly and many people were able to say goodbye to the coffin of their greatest idol that was covered by shirts of different teams, flags and flowers. The President of Argentina, Alberto FernandezHe was visibly moved and left a shirt of Argentinos Juniors in the coffin, a club for which he sympathizes and where Maradona began his football career.

Maradona's burial in the Jardin Bella Vista cemetery (Franco Fafasuli)
Maradona’s burial in the Jardin Bella Vista cemetery (Franco Fafasuli)

As the hours passed, the riots began on the outskirts of the Casa Rosada and the operation overflowed at Maradona’s wake. People climbed the bars to enter the headquarters of the Executive Branch and the officers fired pepper spray at the crowd. There were also incidents in the streets and the security forces had to intervene. The family decided to suspend the wake and removed Maradona’s body from the Casa Rosada in a hearse.

With a massive security operation, the remains of the Ten were brought in a procession to the Bella Vista Garden, the private cemetery where the remains of his parents, Don Diego and Doña Tota, who died in 2015 and 2011, respectively, rest. Later, the intimate ceremony was held in the cemetery with a small group of family and friends. Now Maradona already rests in peace.


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