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Mistake with Maradona made the “death of Madonna” viral

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“It wasn’t Madona, it was me,” describes a Diego Maradona meme

Maradona and Madonna (Photo: Maradona-Instagram and Madonna-Instagram)

The world came to a standstill on Wednesday, November 25 with death of soccer star Diego Armando Maradona. As it turned out to be a worldwide commotion, social networks went crazy with the news.

As soon as it was known that the 60-year-old Argentine had passed away, the information began to circulate rapidly through social networks and the flood of messages was such that some were confused when writing Maradona and posted Madonna, with which the rumor grew that the singer had died.

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The error caused the pop star to also become a trend and quickly position itself in the news trending topics. Due to such confusion, memes and all kinds of ridicules of “dyslexia” or the desire to “kill Madonna” of some people rained.

The worldwide mockery is that Madonna did not even know that on Twitter she had “been killed by mistake”, when she wanted to talk about Diego’s death.

But it is that the confusion made thousands of fans and other Internet users fall for innocent, who viralized the messages of astonishment and pain, all desperate for the supposed loss of their favorite singer.

The positioning was such that he managed to unseat Diego Armando himself for a few minutes on the social network. However, some accounts dedicated to explaining trends on Twitter, as well as fans of 10 from Argentina and the American singer herself, dedicated themselves to making Internet users see their mistake who were spreading a missing piece of news just for not reading correctly.

Memes: “It was me, not Madonna”

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Just as panic and sadness seized Madonna’s fans when they read that she had died when it came to the death of Diego Maradona, laughter and ridicule also made both names viral.

After clarifying the error that circulated without restraint on social networks, creativity made its own among users mainly of Twitter and Facebook with full-blown memes about the mistake.

“Madonna seeing how you killed her because of your dyslexia”, “Ehhh… it was not me Madonna”, “Madonna seeing how we killed her”, “Madonna entering to google herself: And now what did I do”, were some of the messages and titles of memes that became a trend this Wednesday, after the death of the soccer legend.

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