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Mutant minks slaughtered in Denmark surface

Copenhagen, Denmark.

Denmark decided to quickly dispose of minks to fight the pandemic of covid-19, due to a virus mutation transmissible to humans, but even after dead and buried, resurface under the effects of decomposition gases.

The phenomenon occurred in a military terrain near Holstebro (west), in one of the makeshift graves where the slaughtered animals, according to images broadcast by public television DR.

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The corpses of minks, which rose to the surface under the accumulated pressure of decomposition, are covered only by one thin layer of lime and of a very sandy land, which would have facilitated the phenomenon according to the local police.

The Ministry of Environment and Agriculture affirms in a statement that the minks are buried to between a meter and a half and of the meters. But according to DR, they were only a meter deep in this field.

For ministry, reappearance of corpses is “a temporary problem linked to the process of decomposition of animals “.

“The State plays with our nature and uses it as a dump“said Leif Brogger, a Holstebro city councilor, as quoted by the Jyllands-Posten newspaper on Wednesday.

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Photos and videos shared on social networks led to multiple comments: an Internet user on Twitter described 2020 as “the year of the mutant mink zombie killers“.

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The animals that resurface were also buried 200 meters of a lake, that is, 100 meters less than recommended, which raises problems of pollution by phosphorus and nitrogen, which the authorities promised to remedy.

At the beginning of November Denmark announced that he was going to sacrifice more than 15 million minks, due to a troublesome mutation of the coronavirus transmitted by these animals, which could, according to preliminary studies, threaten the efficacy of the future vaccine for humans.

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More of 10 million minks they already went slaughtered, according to the latest figures.

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