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Natural and Traditional Medicine in favor of quality of life


The therapeutic use of medicinal plants or phytotherapy, as one of the modalities of Natural and Traditional Medicine (NTM), to cure or alleviate the symptoms of dissimilar diseases is almost as old as humanity.

Used as an alternative to industrially processed drugs, this ancient practice has low levels of toxicity in its active ingredients.

For this reason, Deysi Amalia Vázquez Amaró, who lives in the municipality of Palmira in the province of Cienfuegos, prefers green medicine over any drug, a predilection inherited from her mother and grandmother.

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Vázquez Amaró told the Cuban News Agency that he has suffered from bronchial asthma for several years and pointed out that the best remedy for this chronic disease is an infusion of arnica leaves with lemon and holy cane.

Complement the treatments with syrups that you get in the pharmacy such as Imefasma, Oregano, Caña Santa or Onion.

The Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution recognize the need to ensure compliance with a plan of actions to guarantee the development and consolidation of the MNT in Cuba.

Integrated into the National Health System, the MNT has incorporated several therapeutic modalities, among which are herbal medicine, homeopathy, apitherapy, traditional Asian medicine, ozone therapy, flower therapy, medical hydrology, helium thalassotherapy and naturopathic nutritional guidance.

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According to Dr. C. Teresita Zambrana Álvarez, in an article published in the Cuban Journal of Medicinal Plants, phytotherapy offers similar results to those obtained with drugs, but they are less harmful and cheaper.

He added that herbs such as sage, verbena, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, rue leaves and linden are recommended to treat menopausal symptoms.

Deysi Rosell González, a 73-year-old grandmother, explained that since she was little she ingests infusions of medicinal plants to alleviate the symptoms of colds, as well as for kidneys and bone pain.

When you have a cold, mix the majagua flower with linden and oregano, add sugar and boil it to make a homemade syrup that gives you improvements almost instantly.

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Rosell González reported that he consumes natural linden tea to sleep well, in the case of the kidney he takes the root of horse stew and for the stomach he uses chamomile.
Pilar Naranjo González del Pino, a pharmacology graduate and technical director of the Bulevar de Cienfuegos pharmacy, indicated that in this establishment they produce NTMs such as syrups, creams, lotions, tinctures and frictions, among others.

He added that these remedies are highly demanded by the population and are very well accepted because they do not produce any toxic effects like chemicals.

While Karelia González García, production assistant of the pharmacy of the popular council Guaos, in Perla del Sur itself, explained that medicines derived from plants are in great demand, especially syrups, more now that winter is approaching and they appear more number of respiratory conditions.

Among the productions of these pharmacies stand out the syrups of aloe vera, orange, onion, oregano, caña santa, Imefasma, tincture of male pine, cañandonga brushstroke, majagua, anamú and plantain, among others.

Teresa Delgado Suárez, a retired nurse, said that medicinal plants help to alleviate the general state of health, according to the condition for which they are consumed.

He said that for many years he has used holy cane as an anticatarrhal remedy, along with arnica and oregano, and for stomach ailments he takes infusions of good grass and chamomile.

Another modality of NTM is homeopathy, a process through which Vidatox 30 CH arises, based on the venom of the Rhopalurus junceus scorpion.

Fabio Linares Pasos, Master of Science with extensive work at the head of the laboratories where Vidatox 30 CH is produced in the territory, argued that this mixture contributes to improving the quality of life of cancer patients thanks to its antitumor, anti-inflammatory and analgesics.

Over the years, the number of people who come to NTM to alleviate various ailments, from the common cold to end-stage cancer, has increased.

Legalized by Resolution 261 of 2009, the MNT aims to carry out actions of promotion, prevention, cure and rehabilitation in order to contribute to improving the health status of the population.

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