Monday, November 30, 2020
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President-elect Joe Biden sprained his ankle while playing with his dog

President-elect Joe Biden sprained his ankle while playing with one of his dogs and He will be examined by a doctor “as a precautionary measure,” his office said.

The event occurred on last saturday. Biden was scheduled to see an orthopedist this Sunday afternoon so that the professional assess your health.

According to White House sources, the former vice president was playing with Major, one of the two dogs in the family.

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Major will be the first dog adopted from a kennel to live in the White House. Apart from Major, Joe and Jill Biden’s partner has another German Shepherd, Champ.

Biden used his dogs in his presidential campaign. And on November 1, he published a video in which he called “return to the dogs in the White House”, in open opposition to Donald Trump, who always said he would not adopt a dog because he was too busy.

“How would I see myself walking a dog on the White House lawn?” asked in a video Trump, the first US president who does not have a dog since William McKinley (1897-1901).

The Biden family adopted Major in November 2018 in the Delaware Humane Association and highlighted the work of the organization publicly: “We are grateful for their work in finding homes for dogs like Major and countless other animals.”

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Major was adopted from a “litter of German shepherd puppies that were abandoned and that were not in good health”, as told Delaware Humane Association: “Once we asked for help for them online, Joe Biden found out and contacted us immediately.”

However, Major will not be the first street dog to live in the White House. That honor belongs to Yuki, a stray dog ​​that Lyndon B. Johnson led to the presidential residence in 1966.

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