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Price of the dollar today Thursday, November 26

Mexico City /

When starting operations the price of dollar today Thursday it is up to 20.50 pesos in banks. Meanwhile, the exchange rate Interbank exchange rate is 20.01 pesos per dollar, with a loss of 0.4 percent.

Citibanamex sells the dollar at 20.50 pesos, while BBA Mexico it does it at 20.27; Banorte it does it at 20.25; Santander, at 19.98 and Azteca Bank, in 19.81 units.

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The peso depreciated as the markets’ attention returned to the growing number of cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes the disease. covid-19 in the world and its economic impact, in a session that was anticipated with reduced liquidity due to the Thanksgiving Day in America.

How is the exchange rate going?

Base Bank He explained that the peso started with a depreciation, due to a greater perception of risk in global financial markets and an upward correction in most of the currencies that gained ground during yesterday’s session.

It should be remembered that today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, where financial markets will remain closed, significantly reducing liquidity in the foreign exchange market. After 11 am, with the closing of the European markets, the exchange rate is likely to show a lateral behavior, because at that time no news or economic indicators will be published.

The low liquidity of the foreign exchange market will continue until Friday’s session, as the markets in the United States will close early.

Dollar in real time

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The euro It is sold at the window for a maximum of 24.30 pesos and is bought at 23.82 pesos. For its part, pound sterling It is offered at 27.15 pesos and is purchased at 26.69 pesos.

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) the previous session registered an exchange rate of 20.46 pesos per dollar.

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