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Public Ministry will investigate the origin of the $ 18,000 that Mel Zelaya carried

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

In a video from the security cameras of the Toncontín International Airport, former President Manuel Zelaya acknowledged being the owner of a large sum of money that they found yesterday in his luggage.

In the clip, the ex-president assured that “here there must be about 12,000 dollars, but this must be a mistake. It would be necessary to count it. I did not declare it, you know what happens I did not know I had this here.

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The officer tells him: “He has 12,000 dollars and he did not declare it, he says” and asks him to count the money that is in the envelope.

LEA: Mel Zelaya when leaving the airport: “we will investigate who put the money in my backpack”

Zelaya was observed manipulating the banknote file, which when added together turned out to be 18,000 dollars in cash (more than 436,000 lempiras). Later, in a tweet he said that “they demanded me to count the money one by one and add it up even though I was not the owner, and they did not want to count it claiming which is my backpack and I should do it. That video is obviously cut and edited. ” Mel told the media that someone put the money in his luggage. “Who placed it? You have to investigate it, where did they place it? You have to investigate it.

I have made more than 400 trips in my life and I know that carrying that amount of money is a illegality ”, he expressed.

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According to him, when he arrived at the terminal, a military man took his backpack from him and took it to another place to impose the envelope on him. However, in a video that shows the tour he made through the terminal there is no military man, as he stated. Mel arrived at Toncontín yesterday between 1:00 and 1:30 in the afternoon to board a plane that would take him to Houston and later to Mexico to participate in a seminar of the Workers Party.


The origin of the resources will be the only object that will be investigated by the prosecutors because Zelaya asserted that the money does not belong to him. While the investigation process lasts, the resources will be under the protection of the Public Ministry (MP).

Zelaya was released last night around 9:00 pm. The backpack and the money were seized by the MP. He assured the media that the money was implanted. “We hope that the correct investigation is carried out because this is a disastrous act against the man who is the leader of the opposition in the country,” said Zelaya’s defense attorney, Fabricio Sandoval.

While Zelaya was being questioned by prosecutors, a group of sympathizers arrived outside the airport and burned tires on the Boulevard of the European Economic Community. The National Police dispersed them.


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But what is former President Zelaya facing?

The Special Law Against the Crime of Money Laundering It contemplates in its article 34 a provision called border transport of money, which has the power to control the entry and exit of money from the country.

Mel is only exposed to an administrative sanction that consists of the payment of a fine of one third (6,000 dollars) of the confiscation, thus ruling out the configuration of a money laundering crime. “He should demonstrate the legal origin of the resources in a fiscal administrative headquarters without the need to issue a fiscal requirement,” said the doctor in Hermes Ramírez criminal law.

In the Law on Money Laundering, the State warns that any national or foreign person who enters or leaves the country through air, sea and land customs, is obliged to submit the form provided for this purpose by the Administrator Service Income Tax, a statement notifying whether or not you are transporting money or checks, equal to or greater than 10,000 dollars. Once the administrative sanction is imposed, the detainee pays the fine and continues with his trip with the rest of the money.

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