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Review of the book “How to create safer spaces” by Shawna Potter

“How to create safer spaces. A guide to kick the bullying and kick it out of the places you frequent “ is a book that serves as an educational tool for those less familiar with street harassment. A trend that we see every day on the street and that we have come to normalize. Shawna Potter, vocalist in the feminist punk-hardcore band War Of Women (Baltimore), aligned with the association Hollaback!, created to fight street harassment in an active and combative way, already present in twenty-one cities and sixteen countries.

The book presents in the first pages different situations of sexist harassment to which the author, Shawna Potter, is subjected in different places displaced in time. Each situation has its nuances, but they all end up being summarized in two feelings: anger and helplessness. And it is that all women and members of the LGBTQ + community are the target of lewd looks, comments and persecutions in the streets, not to mention the culture of rape, which every year plagues the country with desperate figures as an incessant reminder : there is something we are not understanding.

“How to create safer spaces” It teaches us how to react to these kinds of unfortunate situations, and not only if we are the victim, but also how we should behave if we witness these scenes. Potter stresses the importance of “watchers”, who can make a difference in such a situation, depending on whether they support the victim or ignore her, making her feel even more broken.

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The book explains to us the importance of evolving as a society since we are all responsible for what attitudes are normalized and how we manage them, we have the power and we must use it.

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