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“Sell the roof, beast, do something!”: The day when Maradona reproached the Pope for living in a palace with “golden roofs, while people are starving”

The relationship of the star of the ball with the Holy See ranged from a harsher rhetoric in Maradona’s youth, to a later rapprochement.

The death of the legendary athlete Diego Armando Maradona this Wednesday brought back thousands of stories from the footballer’s life and his personality. Among them, some historical anecdotes about his relations with the Catholic Church.

At the end of the 80s Maradona visited the Vatican and later, in 2000, he recalled Pope John Paul II: “He lives in a place with golden roofs, while so many people are starving, and then he goes and kisses the land of poor countries” . Later, on another occasion, the player also had harsh words for the Holy See: “I heard the Pope say that the Church cared about poor children. But I sold the roof, beast, do something!”

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However, relations between Maradona and the Church changed. In 2014 Maradona visited the Vatican again, where he had a meeting with Pope Francis. “Two powers came together,” declared the athlete then about the impression that this meeting with the Supreme Pontiff left him. “He behaved well with the pope, he was a gentleman,” said Guillermo Karcher, Protocol and Ceremonial Officer of the Holy See. In addition, he added: “What is Maradona going to say about gold, if there is no gold in the Vatican.”

In 2015 there was another meeting with the pope and in 2016, a phone call.

In the Vatican they commented on the death of Maradona. The Director of the Press Office of the Holy See, Matteo Bruni said that the pope was informed of Maradona’s death and that he remembers “with affection the occasions of encounter of the last years and remembers it in prayer, as he has done. in the last days since he found out about his health conditions. ”

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