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Twins of Ludwika Paleta are already grown and put their Christmas tree

Through his official Instagram account, Ludwik’s Palette let you see how big your Twins and how well they adorn your tree from Christmas. The 41-year-old actress shared photos of her little ones decorating her home tree in her stories on that platform.

Barbara and Sebastián, three years old, moved the actress’s fans and immediately began to share the moment on the networks. Remember that Ludwika is very careful with the identity of her sons and that is why he preferred to show them from behind.

The blonde chose the song ‘Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’ to set the images she shared of her babies to music and with this she inaugurates the Christmas season at the home that she has formed with Emiliano Salinas.

In the photos you can see the little ones carefully placing the spheres of their Christmas tree, which looks red and silver. Due to their young age, the little ones climbed onto benches to be able to reach the tree and put the ornaments very delicately.

They concentrated on the tree.

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On November 11, the actress of Polish origin congratulated her first-born, Nicolás Haza, on his 21st birthday with an emotional message on the networks. Nicolás is the result of the marriage between Ludwika and the actor Plutarco Haza, at the end of the 90s.

He is already 21 years old.

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