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Undocumented workers ask New York to approve financial aid | Univision 41 New York WXTV

Workers excluded from benefits during the pandemic are still waiting for help from New York State, so they ask legislators in Albany to pass a bill that seeks to impose a tax on billionaires to give resources to people who have suffered the worst economic impact of the pandemic.

According to Assemblywoman Carmen De La Rosa and sponsor of the bill, the tax “would create more than $ 23 billion and about $ 5,000 would be used to benefit excluded workers,” which includes undocumented workers and informal workers.

“Each worker would be given around $ 3,000 a month, De La Rosa explained. “We are going to make eligibility as easy as possible so that more people can benefit.”

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The details of who will be eligible and what the requirements are will not be known until the legislature begins to debate the proposal which could happen in an extraordinary session in the next few weeks, and if not, you will have to wait for the regular session to begin in Albany in early January.

De La Rosa added that the bill also known as the ‘Fund for Excluded Workers’ has a better chance of being approved since there is a super democratic majority in both legislative chambers, granting aid that for workers like Raúl Vasquez means the possibility of subsisting to the lack of employment in the midst of the crisis.

Vasquez said he has been unemployed for nine months and asking for a job without finding anything. “Before the pandemic I helped here and my family in Mexico I can’t do it anymore, I explain to Univision 41 News.

According to the Excluded Workers Fund organization, more than 500,000 undocumented workers in New York City and some 20,000 former prisoners were excluded from federal and state benefits.

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