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Valentine Elizalde’s mother confirms that she is also suspicious of Tano

Mexico City.- Fourteen years have passed since the death of musician Valentín Elizalde and crime still goes unpunished. And apparently, the interpreter’s mother is also suspicious of who was the best friend of the so-called ‘The Golden Rooster’.

A few months ago we told you that the ex-wife of Tano Elizalde, Valentin’s cousin and who was with him on the day of the attack, revealed a series of inconsistencies in Tano’s version, raising the doubt about whether the Golden Rooster’s cousin had betrayed him.

As we tell you in this note, in an interview Fausto’s ex-wife, Marisol Castro, said that Tano was very nervous that day. It should be noted that Valentín was going to appear in Tijuana, but Tano changed the date to appear in Reynosa, the place where the attack occurred.

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After these details were released, the Elizalde family insisted on reopening Valentín’s case and began a fight against Tano, who married Valentín’s ex-partner and executor of his will: Gabriela Sabag.

Now the Elizalde family is totally divided, the inheritance and patrimonial rights of the interpreter represent a booty that both fight.

Photo: Instagram @valentinelizalde_oficial

Now, Valentin’s mother also spoke of Tano’s alleged betrayal of Valentin and condemned her nephew’s behavior.

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“What he’s doing for the family is a mockery, for the memory of my son … it’s no good … he had no respect.”

Doña Camila Valencia, Valentín’s mother, says that she does not dare to review the file on her son’s case.

Doña Camila was a confidant of Valentín and a few months ago she also declared that ‘Gallo’ himself had doubts about his cousin, because, according to him, Tano had strong addiction problems and was involved in issues that worried Valentín.

The fight for the singer’s inheritance continues to be an issue that divided the Elizaldes.

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