Friday, December 4, 2020
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Amazon and Blackberry want to make cars even “smarter”

Amazon and Blackberry announced Tuesday that they have signed a contract to develop and commercialize a platform dedicated to connected vehicles, capable of centralizing the data collected by different sensors and adapting based on this information.

Blackberry shares earned more than 50% on Wall Street after this announcement.

The Canadian Telecommunications Software Group already had partnered with Amazon, the world leader in cloud (remote computing), in early 2020.

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The new contract will allow you to develop, over several years, a platform called IVY, which will make it easier for automakers to “create integrated in-car services that enhance the experience for drivers and passengers.”

“For example, IVY will be able to use car data to identify driver behavior and dangerous conditions, such as ice or traffic jams, and recommend that the driver activate safety options such as traction control, assistance to keep the car in the lane or speed control “, details a statement from Amazon.

The omniscient platform could even warn parents if their teen is texting while driving or exceeding the speed limit.

In recent years, BlackBerry has branched out into business services: computer security and data centralization.

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The two groups will join forces: BlackBerry’s expertise in automotive data collection and AWS’s (Amazon’s cloud branch) in artificial intelligence, meaning connected objects and machine learning.

The platform will have to respond to the challenge of complex modern vehicles, built with materials and software from different vendors.

“BlackBerry IVY will be able to run multiple vehicle operating systems and cloud types to be supported regardless of model and make,” Amazon said.

The cloud and online commerce giant had already invested in autonomous vehicles.

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In June, it announced the acquisition of Zoox, a company specializing in the technology needed to create a fleet of autonomous taxis.

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