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Covid-19: 506,000 cases, 8,670 deaths and 63 million patients

The new coronavirus pandemic has registered in the last 24 hours more than 506,000 new cases and 8,670 deaths, bringing the total to more than 63 million infected people and 1.46 million fatalities, according to the balance published this Tuesday by Johns Hopkins University.

Around the world, 506,078 new cases have been registered in the last day, adding to a total of 63,290,093 infections worldwide, while the global death toll stands at 1,469,052. More than 40.5 million people have managed to overcome COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.

United States has registered in recent weeks the worst case data of the entire pandemic and computes in this balance more than 157,000 positives, bringing the total to 13.5 million infections. Deaths from COVID-19 on US soil totaled 268,087.

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India, on the other hand, the downward trend in the infection rate in recent weeks continues, although it already exceeds 9.46 million cases and accumulates 137,621 deaths. The Asian country is the one that has registered the most recoveries to date, more than 8.88 million.

Brazil remains in third position of this classification that is configured from the data of 191 countries and territories with cases of coronavirus. The South American giant has registered more than 6.33 million cases and 173,120 deaths.

Russia accumulates more than 40,000 dead

After several days in which it has added more than 25,000 cases, Russia ahead of France and it climbs to the fourth global position, with a total of 2.3 million infections and 40,050 deaths. In Gallic territory there are 2.2 million people infected and 52,819 fatalities.

Espaa figure below, with more than 1.64 million cases and 45,069 fatalities in the absence of the Ministry of Health updating the balance this Tuesday, placing it ahead of United Kingdom, which has 1.63 million people with coronavirus and 58,545 deaths.

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Italy ranks eighth in the global ranking, with 1.6 million infections and 55,576 fatalities, ahead of Argentina, which is the second country with the most cases in Latin America, with 1.42 million infected and 38,730 deaths.

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