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Daring: Chiquis Rivera showed her pair of friends and did not leave indifferent in the network

Chiquis Rivera is a master in the use of social networks to project her professional career, as she demonstrated with her most recent publication on Instagram

The extremely talented singer Chiquis Rivera He is living the best moment of his professional career, after having achieved his first Latin Grammy in the Best Band Album category, for his third album “Playlist”.

Chiquis Rivera He took advantage of the reach of his official Instagram account, which currently exceeds four million followers, to be seen in the company of Helen Ochoa and Ely Quintero, who participated as guests on the reality show “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento” .

Chiquis Rivera shared a couple of images and a video in which we can see the girls inside a dressing room and in a matter of seconds they appear beautifully dressed walking together in the best style of Sex and the City.

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The publication was received with pleasure by the followers of the interpreter of “Paloma Blanca”, who celebrated their reunion with Helen Ochoa and Ely Quintero, whose voices joined together with Chiquis Rivera on the song La Destrampada, which was part of his second record production.

Chiquis Rivera, Helen Ochoa and Ely Quintero (Instagram)

Without a doubt Chiquis Rivera He knows very well how to get the attention of his millions of followers, as he demonstrated with this publication that unleashed endless comments for and against.

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