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Design as a factor of direct influence on social welfare

(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)

Registered Ministry of Health authorities 6,388 more coronavirus infections, then they already add 1,107,071 confirmed cases in the country; while with 196 deceased caused by the disease in the last 24 hours, Mexico accumulated 105,655 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic.

In addition, in the country there are 53,240 suspected cases, 1,349,465 negative and a total of 2,859,239 people studied since the first case registered in the country, while the proportion of people who tested positive for COVID-19 was located at 44% at week 47: one percentage point more than the same day of the previous week.

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During the 269 press conference at the National Palace, Ruy López Ridaura, Director General of the National Center for Disease Control and Preventive Programs (Price), announced that the curve of estimated cases, at the opening of week 47, registered a 5% increase; while the curve that indicates the people recovered from the disease reported an increase in 1%, with what they add up 818.397.

The specialist estimated that 65,470 (5%) patients had symptoms in the last 14 days, which represents people who potentially contribute to the transmission of the virus, if they do not comply with the proper isolation and all sanitary measures.

(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)

In this sense, according to the technical document, Mexico City is the entity with the highest number of active cases (12,049), followed by Guanajuato (3,465), the Mexico state, (2,803) then New Lion (2.678), Queretaro (2,110), Durango (1.855), Jalisco (1.804), Coahuila (1,636) and Zacatecas (1,486), entities that together represent more than two thirds (72%) of active cases in the country.

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Conversely, Chiapas and Campeche They are the states that concentrate the least amount of active infections, having 49 and 46, respectively: one of the reasons why they are the only ones that remain green at the epidemiological traffic light.

It should be remembered that the first 10 entities that accumulate the highest number of cases are Mexico City, State of Mexico, Nuevo León, Guanajuato, Sonora, Coahuila, Jalisco, Puebla, Veracruz and Tabasco, which together represent around two thirds (62%) of all accumulated cases registered in the country.

(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)
(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)
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Regarding the deaths caused by the virus, López Ridaura reported that, of the week 46 to 47 A decrease of 2% was observed, in addition to a decrease in deaths of 44% since epidemiological week number 28, in which 5.370 deaths caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

According to the federal agency document, until yesterday there were 15,754 suspected deaths from COVID-19 which include the slopes by laboratory (n = 2,809) and those that are in the process of association – clinical – epidemiological judgment (n = 12,945) in SISVER.

In this sense, they continue to locate the Mexico City, State of Mexico, Veracruz, Puebla, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Baja California, Sinaloa, Guanajuato and Chihuahua as the 10 entities that have registered the highest number of deaths and that together represent more than half (61.7%) of all those in the country.

(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)
(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)

Regarding hospital occupancy, of the 28,610 general beds for severe Covid-19 patients, 38% (10,865) are occupied, mainly in Durango (71%), Mexico Cityo (65%), New Lion (64%) and Coahuila (62%).

While of the 10,140 beds with mechanical ventilators for the most critical patients due to coronavirus, 32% (3,231) are occupied, mainly in the Mexico City (61%), Aguascalientes (57%), Baja California (56%), Zacatecas (54%) and New Lion (52%).

(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)
(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)


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Mexico already adds 105,655 deaths from COVID-19, 1,107,071 confirmed infections and 818,397 people recovered since the beginning of the epidemic

Mexico already adds 105,655 deaths from COVID-19, 1,107,071 confirmed infections and 818,397 people recovered since the beginning of the epidemic


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