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Destroyed, Carlos Rivera confesses infidelity to Cynthia Rodriguez with a Televisa host

Mexico City.- The singer and academic, Carlos Rivera, spoke of rumors of an affair with his partner in What is the mask? Juanpa Zurita after a comment made by the influencer and aroused speculation.

The friendship between the two has ignited rumors of ‘something else’ between them, after the youtuber declared in the program of Televisa: “One night with Carlos Rivera and hers already hit me.”

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Users have long questioned the sexual preference of the winner of The academy, who after leaving TV Azteca He has built an important career as a singer and on San ngel television.

They both responded to this with humor and in a screenshot of the conversation, Zurita and Rivera “came out of the closet” in a joking manner. In the WhatsApp capture, both comment on an alleged romance between them and even involve the singer Mario Bautista.

Rivera, who has a relationship with the driver Come the joy Cynthia Rodrguez, wrote on Twitter “Love of three, is a bad relationship” along with emojis of broken heart to accompany a screenshot of the conversation with Zurita. This in reference to his partner Cynthia or Bautista, with whom he jokingly related to the youtuber.

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This was the conversation:

“Little brother they caught us,” Zurita writes.

“How are you brother! You already exhibited us!”, Rivera replies.

“Do you tell them what I tell them?” Says Zurita.

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“Sooner or later it will be known, they had already been late,” adds the singer.

“Love always wins”, writes the youtuber.

“But you’re from Mario B, I’m not going to break that relationship,” Rivera ends.

Source: Twitter @_CarlosRivera


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