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Dragon Ball – So are the characters of the series merged with Disney

If you are passionate about Dragon Ball and the world of Disney, what we are going to show you today will draw you a smile like no other, and all thanks to a Spanish artist whose works are leaving everyone speechless. Are you ready to see the universe of Son Goku merged with that of Aladdin and company?

In the last few days something has happened that has surprised fans of Dragon Ball and Disney. A Spanish artist, widely recognized for his works of art based on the world of Akira Toriyama, has been animated with something very unique.

What if the most important characters from the famous manganime work merged with the Disney universe? Well, that is what the artist is achieving, and with great skill. Fran Fuentes. What do not you believe? For now we leave you here his Twitter account, so you can see what this Andalusian illustrator is capable of.

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Of course, before you go to his social networks and finish falling in love with his work, we leave you just below a beautiful gallery of his latest works that are sweeping the network, the original fusion of Dragon Ball and Disney. Great feature films like Aladdin, Cinderella O Snow White now they look like never after mixing with him Dragon World by Fran Fuentes, “the little Spanish Toriyama”. What do you think of the result? Seeing the 7 dwarfs played by saibaimen is priceless, but even less seeing …Yamcha in the witch’s skin, while looking suspiciously at Vegeta Y Find!

Now it’s up to you to give your opinion. Did you find the idea of ​​Fran Fuentes cool? What is your opinion of the art that is used in his illustrations?

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Without further ado, tomorrow we will return with a new Z delivery in Hobby Consoles. ¡Kai, Kai!

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