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Freelips: How does this device for glasses prevent the spread of coronavirus? – People – Culture

A specialist in coronavirus management, of Spanish origin, presented an invention that avoids the contact of the lips with the surface of the glasses.

This can help prevent infections, taking into account that the edges of these implements (and many others) can contain bacteria and viruses that are transmitted to the body through ingestion.

Cesar Carballo, a doctor at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital, in Madrid (Spain), warned in March of the possibility of contagion of the new coronavirus in a specific scenario: when a drink is received from the hand of another person.

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What guarantees do we have that those hands that have touched the edge of the glass are adequately clean? Really none”Was the alarm that Carballo gave to ‘Ok Diario’, a Spanish digital newspaper.

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According to the doctor, the coronavirus lasts more than 24 hours in the glass, under favorable conditions (cold and humid climates).

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For this reason, the specialist ventured into the creation of a device called Freelips.

This device aims to eliminate hand-to-mouth contagion, which can not only spread the virus that causes covid-19, but many others.

There are viruses and communicable diseases such as oral herpes, encephalitis or bacterial meningitis, which can be avoided through this device.”, He explained to ‘Ok Diario’.

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‘Freelips will begin to be marketed in Spain, in the centers of El Corte Inglés (group of Spanish companies), during the next week.

The starting price of a four-piece package will be 9.95 euros (almost 43,000 Colombian pesos). The Spanish doctor, as stated, expect the final price to be one euro per unit (3,000 Colombian pesos, approximately).

It is recommended that the product be used for only six months.

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Their production

Together with his collaborators (a nurse and an industrial engineer) they decided to make the lip balm to drink and patent it: “The first thing was to make a 3D mold and check that it fit well in any glass”.

After patenting the product, they had the option of producing it in China, but they decided to do it in Spain: “We found two factories in the Corredor del Henares, in Madrid, with all the necessary sanitary records to produce something like this and we started production”.

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Five Spanish companies and 100 workers were involved in the process.

Carballo also clarified to ‘Ok Diario’ that the biosecurity measures are fully complied with in their implementation. The product is only handled with sterile gloves.

The controversy

‘Ok Diario’ also reported that there are people who do not approve of the existence of Freelips, since this product, from their perspective, would become a business at a time of health crisis. Faced with criticism, the doctor explained that, although money will be earned, the main purpose is to solve a health need and save lives.

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In addition, 10% of the profits will be donated to solidarity projects: “5% for the research projects of the virologist José Antonio López Guerrero and the other 5% for the Pablo Ugarte Association against childhood cancer.”


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