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Interview with Anya Taylor-Joy, the protagonist of Gambito de Dama who was born in Argentina and shines in the world

Lady’s Gambit Trailer

The premiere of Lady’s gambit, in what is already the tail of 2020, managed to surprise the world audience. Of the more than 190 countries in which Netflix is ​​present, in 69 of them it was in the number 1 position of the most viewed series. And Argentina was one of them. Little by little and with an impressive word of mouth, the fiction grew in such a way that the entire planet was at its feet.

According to The New York Times, chessboard sales began to skyrocket and Google searches for “how to play chess” were a constant for days. In fact, the original book on which the series is based was reissued and quickly took the podium of the most read, despite the fact that it had been printed 37 years ago.

The plot of the series centers on Beth Harmon, an orphan girl who grows up in an orphanage where girls are medicated so that they are “calm.” The discovery of chess allows this girl to immerse herself in a parallel world where she becomes the true queen.

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In the framework of an interview in which journalists from Latin America participated, including from Teleshow, the leading actress of this story, Anya Taylor-Joy, He reflected on the success of this story and how he misses his family in Argentina, the country where he lived until he was 7 years old.

Anya Taylor-Joy on “Lady’s Gambit” (Netflix)

“Why do you think the audience loved this series?”

—It’s funny, the other day they asked me if I had done this series because I knew it was going to be number 1 in the lists of the most viewed in the world. Yes of course I already knew it and that’s why I chose it (laughs)! I think it’s because there are two story lines. On the one hand, the idea that your greatest enemy can be yourself, but if you work on that and learn that you are your home, you will be able to allow other people to love you. Because if you don’t love yourself, other people are not going to be able to love you. And the other idea is that we are stronger together than if we are apart. And in this year we realized how we need contact with the other. And in Lady’s Gambit that also happens.

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—Your face is on the cover of the “Lady’s Gambit” book and it’s a best-seller, what things about the original book impressed you the most?

“I think the reason I wanted to tell this story is because I fell in love with Beth.” I didn’t realize it only until the end of the series, but Beth was like a voice inside my head for a long time. We are different in many things but on the other hand we are very similar. On the one hand because I understood her perfectly and it allowed me to tell her story frankly and on the other hand I think I needed to play Beth for myself, and it made me a kinder person. For that I am very grateful to her.

“If you could travel back in time and find yourself being little, what advice would you give yourself?”

“You would tell me that the place I’m dreaming of exists.” I had a great need to believe that there was that part of the world where I was going to feel valued, wanted and loved. I think I would reaffirm myself and say to myself: “Everything will be fine. I promise you that you will find your people and your place, even if they haven’t shown up yet.

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Anya Taylor-Joy and "Lady's gambit" (Netflix)
Anya Taylor-Joy on “Lady Gambit” (Netflix)

“How did you feel filming the last scene of the series?”

“I cried when I read it in the book, I cried when I read it in the script.” I cried when I filmed it and I cried when I finally saw it. It is incredibly emotional. But what struck the most about her, walking through the park in Russia was, on the one hand, that it is the first time that she feels at peace in the entire series. He is not running from anything or running anywhere. It is only there in the present where it is. And she is glad to be there. And I wanted it so bad for Beth! And so does the fact that he sits down to play chess. She never loses her passion for the game. I mean, at the end of the day what she really loves is chess. She is in love with chess and obsessed with it and is never disappointed. That meant a lot to me.

“Did you know how to play chess before playing this role?”

—To begin with, I never played chess before playing Beth, so for me it was really an introduction. When she discovers chess and comes to that place where everyone is playing professionally, that’s how I felt the first time on set. You can understand the same feeling of “Wow, this world exists!”

—In case a second season of The Queen ‘s GambitWhat aspects of Beth would you like to explore?

“We will probably never get a second season, although it can never be fully assured.” Speculating on that idea, it would be fascinating to see what Beth would be like as a mother. Considering her relationship with the mothers in her life, I am very curious about her traumas, her love and all those complicated emotions. I think it would be interesting.

Scene of "Lady's gambit", the hit Netflix series
Scene from “Lady’s Gambit”, the hit Netflix series

“What things do you miss about Argentina?”

“Right now my family, I miss them a lot.” I have not been in the last 2 years and it is the longest I have been away from Buenos Aires, my home. What I miss the most is that everyone who knows me there knows how I have been since I was a baby. And since we travel so much with my family, this is the strangest thing. To have the possibility of being in a place where people saw me grow. I miss my nicknames, speaking in Spanish all the time. There is a large part of my soul and my heart. That is why I visit Argentina at least once a year. I want to go back right now. Big kiss to all Argentina !!


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