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Lucero is CENSORED from Tik Tok What did she do?

Lucero is one of the actresses who, despite her age, has decided to join Tik TokThis being a platform mainly designed for a younger audience, however, although the singer and actress is happy uploading videos almost every day, recently one of her videos was deleted.

And is that the actress of “I am your master” has more than 300 thousand followers on said platform, where each one of his videos generates more than 700 thousand “Likes” for that reason the censorship disappointed him.

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Of course, it was through her official account on the aforementioned platform, where the singer wanted to join a viral challenge in which she puts shampoo in her mouth to blow and make bubbles, simulating that they come out of her mouth.

The clip was censored for what he shared through his official Instagram account the annoyance, and uploaded it to said platform assuring that he does not understand what was the reason for the censorship.

“I did not understand why I was censored or downloaded this from Tik Tok! ♀ ️ Anyone know? What do you think of the video, is it nice or not? “, He published,

Watch the controversial video of Lucero

The comments on her Instagram post were to support her, as no one understands the reason why the famous was censored, since the video does not show any prohibited content.

“If it’s funny, but for the safety of children maybe they took it down. Because they can ingest it instead of just smearing it. “, They commented.

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Do you think it was correct that they censored Lucero’s video? Do you think the challenge is dangerous for children? Do you follow this famous woman on her social networks? Tell us your answers in the comments, and do not hesitate to follow us on La Verdad Noticias to find out everything about Lucero.

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